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Ode to the Rawlings Pro1000-HC

Jul 29, 2013
Me and my wife are a host home for 7 high school boys this year for what a lot of churches in our County call “180 weekend”. Probably around 1500 MS and HS kids participate in this, me and my wife have been a host home for the last 5 years.

It’s finally quiet here, my homes group leader has taken the boys out for a fun activity so I’ve got a little time to myself, just wanted to post a few pics of my old, significantly worn, but beautiful Pro1000.

You guys know I’ve recommended and posted the words “Pro1000” here many times, that’s just because for anyone who wants a very high quality 12” glove and doesn’t want velcro, it’s really an unbeatable pattern!

My particular model is Japanese tanned, not Horween. The newest version at Don Morton Sports is code C55 dry Horween leather, these are super stiff. For anyone not familiar with this leather, just imagine buying your freshman DD this glove and her using it all through her HS and college career, maybe with a re-lace in there somewhere. I’m really shocked that I never see any other posts here about giddy Dad’s who just bought their DD one of these?


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