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Oct 11, 2018
What was the woman in white doing? Is she protesting the call or checking for injury? She's out there before time is called.

Edit: I just rewatched it- she's on the field before the out is called.

It looks like obstruction, but it was tough for me to see if or when the SS ever possesses the ball.
I would have been out there before he called the out also. Girl was injured and not moving and ump clearly did not know what he was doing out there. I was coach on offense and in the dugout and my batter drilled a line drive into jaw of F5. girl dropped like a stone. As i ran out to her the PU put out his hand to stop me. Pushed it away and went out anyway. Girl carted off by paramedics with a broken jaw and concussion.
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May 29, 2015
We had a case once where I was coaching 1st base and we had a runner on first. Hard line drive to F4. Our base runnner turns to head back to first base and plows into the first baseman who was slow to react. They both went down like 2 sacks of potatoes. I immediately ran on to the field to check on the 2 girls. Both were crying and I could see blood. The umpire informed me after everything was over that he was calling obstruction on F3 but he should have called my runner out since I came on the field before he officially called time. To be honest I did it as a reaction to seeing both girls collide so hard and didn't even take the time to think about the rules. I told him he had to do whatever he had to by the rules but anytime there was that obvious a severe injury I would go and check on the girls and take the out every time.
There is also no rule that says a runner is out for you being on the field.
Aug 1, 2019
...I would have been out there before he called the out also...
I'm a little more pragmatic. When my DD went down with an injury, my attitude is more of the damage is already done, my getting out there three seconds faster can't undo that. But if I take too long, my very caring and concerned wife who is a nurse will plow me over to get out there and assist.
Mar 14, 2017
the runner is her daughter so she was checking on injury.
She didn't look angry, so that was my guess, but the video cuts off before she gets there. I was curious if she was a concerned adult worried about an injury, or a psycho screaming at an ump while people laid there injured. Glad it was the first one.

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