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My DD and her 2015 Team


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Feb 25, 2009
BB's 2015 UMSL Team went into that university's Hall of Fame. It was really neat. We went to Union Station in St. Louis for the ceremony, ate a nice meal and then the individuals and this team were introduced and then interviewed. The seniors from that team were asked one question each. BB was asked about the 106 home runs that the team hit that year. (BB hit 18 and thus why she was asked that question.) I was really proud of her answer. She commented that for a team to achieve that level of production it takes everyone contributing and that no one player was more important. She also mentioned that the team's commitment in practice was key to this achievement. She talked about competitive nature and how the team was so positive supporting each other. A special moment in the night happened when video of Coach Levin was shown congratulating the team. BB started crying. Coach is now down at Southern Mississippi and could not be there for the night. Coach sent a text to the team as well.

I will now start putting together a presentation to try to get BB in as a player. I hope that she makes it as an individual. It is important to her but, and I know I am her father so please forgive me, she busted her butt and deserves the honor. I am so proud of her and of this team. I'll wrap this up by saying that this was a true team. They are still close long after playing. BB had many of them stay at her apartment during the week. That was pretty neat.

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