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is it time to pitch ??

May 13, 2008
I'm 42 and I just learned to pitch over the winter. Don't get me wrong, its not like Im real good, but I can get it across the plate. I have two daughters who pitch, and I thought it might help if I went through some of the same things they did in learning. It can be very humbling. Since I coach, my goal was to be able to live pitch to our team this spring and summer, and I can do that. I struggle at times, but I have noticed the more I throw, the better my velocity has gotten. It is amazing how many things have to be right to get the ball over the plate. Kids can do incredible things. It is also been great for my daughters to be able to coach me. They can pick apart all my bad habits and tell me what I am doing wrong. I have no plans to do it competively, but it sure is fun to get out there and throw to our team in practice.
Lonnie Nichols
South Dakota Fusion/Black


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
There is NO age to learn a new skill. Study have shown that as someone advances in age, learning a skill becomes a little more challenging but most skill can be learn at any age.

Learning is mostly a matter of practice, good instruction, good feedback and corrective exercises, good progression, focus, patience and effort.

That's it! Go for it.
May 9, 2008
im 43 years old ..im male ...can i learn to pitch??.. is it possible to throw with good velocity?..any recomendation??..
soory about my english
Ok think about this:
Im male too
Im italian
Im 44 just few days ago
How many chances do you think i could have to learn fastpitch pitching?

I have started to learn all by myself 4 years ago,using any kind of tool,tip & trick,suggestion from other pitchers and trainers(only in Usa because in Italy no one loves to let you know nothing).Throwing night and day,almost every day in winter even,down in winery,crushing lot of bottle and stuff.Always keeping going on and on and on.....
Best info on Bill Hillhouse' website and dvds,Ernie Parker's website and dvds,Barry Sammons's book,Cheri Kempf's dvd and book,Eddie Feigner's videos and book.
Best tools:
Weighted ball(you could do it by yourself,using little nails without head)
14" and 16" balls
practice screen
Club K spinner
Surgical tube

Ok now im able to throw with good control and constancy,fastball,dropball,riseball and changeup.
My best speed is little over 80 mph.

But first question is :
how hard you think you could work to become a pitcher.If you really want it you'll get it.It's up to you.
Pitching is greatest thing in my life!!(hey not more than my family:p)

My greatest recommendation is :
Do a little every day.Start with fundamentals with no compromise and throw using correct mechanics,but throw hard.Remember that 60% of power come from using well lower part of your body so footwork it's fundamental.
And when you need help always ask for it !!!

Good luck

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