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How to teach playing a base

May 23, 2018
I'm looking for some advice on how to cover the bag at 2nd and 3rd. I've been told the only way to do cover a bag and receive a throw is to straddle the bag. I understand this is a good method when a baserunner is trying to steal and there's a tag play. How should a fielder cover the bag on a force play, receiving a throw for another infielder or from an outfielder. Should she still straddle the bag or play it more like a first baseman? My players are 7th and 8th grade girls.


Ex "Expert"
Feb 25, 2009
Egyptian, first of all, welcome. I'd google youtube and ask about 2B pivots. I teach 3 pivots with balls coming from 3B and SS. These pivots depend upon where the fielder is, the angle of the throw and how close the fielder is to 2B.
Oct 11, 2010
Chicago, IL
What is your chance of making a double play? Not sure percentage but little different.

1st baseman, get your out if no double play.

If have chance move thru bag.


Ex "Expert"
Feb 25, 2009
I talked this morning about our all conference team. Our SS/2B turned a DP in every conference game this year. We turned a DP in a bunch of other games. I don't think I have ever been associated with a team that has done that. IMO, it helps so much to have players learn the pivots and practice them even if you don't turn them in games. At some point, you will start to do it.
Jun 11, 2013
There are so many concepts that seem obvious but are so often not done correctly. On a force out it takes some practice to know if you should worry about the pivot for a DP or to go like a 1B to play it. There is no set answer but merely an internal clock. Our simple rule is "if in doubt get the out". I'll sacrifice a DP or 2 over a season to prevent big innings where we don't get anyone out.

The bigger problem that I see with a lot of players is tags on steals or force plays. I can't count the number of times that the SS cuts in front of the bag on a pretty good throw and the runner is safe. I see so many fielders not give their teammates a throwing lane on tag plays from the field. They'll just stand right in line with the runner forcing the throw over the runners head. It happens in run downs too. I will say some kids are great at it, but they tend to stand out rather than be the norm.

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