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DD's first College Tournament

May 8, 2008
South Florida
I haven't been posting or reading on the site for awhile but the fall session of my dd's went very well!! This past weekend they went for their first tournament in Orlando. It was an international tournament, teams from all over. They ended up with the broze medal for the weekend!! They lost in the semi-finals to a very highly ranked Peurto-Rican Team, the coach said they were ranked 6th in the world and our girls held their own, only losing by 2. I am very proud of these girls they are mostly freshman and they are forming a great bond together, which is great to see. I have been reading some of the negativity about College Coaches and my dd and I have spoken to quite a few and are still speaking to some. My personal experience has been to let my dd do the speaking with me their as support. She asks all the right questions because these are things that we speak about at home to prepare her for these meetings. I think as parents we need to remember that these girls are adults and they have to make decisions for themselves. My dd knows that academics come first and softball second and that is her coaches "GOLDEN RULE" ( that is what he calls it) and his team currently holds the highest GPA in their conference. My daughter is working very hard in school and in practice she loves both she currently has a 3.7 GPA and I amvery proud of her and her first weekend out her batting average was .417 which I am very proud of as well. I see the passion in my dd's eyes when she talks about her practices and her games and the passion when she talks about her major Criminal Justice. So believe me the passion is there and I look forward to an amazing season. She also was offered a full scholarship for next year and she is very happy with the decision that she made which was her decision with my support 100%.:)


Super Moderator
Staff member
May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
The problem is not with the coaches, it is with parents and players who have a warped view of sports and coaches. Coaches are paid to win. If they don't win, they get fired. That is the life of a college coach.

The thing to keep telling your DD about college sports is, "When it is over, it is over. So, enjoy every second of it now, but be prepared to move on to your next adventure when it ends--because it will be over in X years."

With my oldest DD (all conference D1 softball), I was too "in love" with her playing college softball and so I didn't push her about academics. She spent too much time at the field and not enough time in the library. Consequently, it took her some years after softball ended to pull her head out of her *ss and move on with her life.

Do *NOT* underestimate sports withdrawal for your DD when college ends. My DDs had a bad case of it.

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