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Bunt Defense with runner at 2B or 1st & 2B

Mar 2, 2009
Suffolk, VA
Looking for highly experienced (college DIV1/2 or 16U/18U experienced coaches who are schooled and attend DIV1 level clinics) replies for Bunt coverage when you have runner(s) at 2B or 1st & 2B. (I aplogize in advance if anyone is offended, I don't intend to offend anyone, especially when you are trying to help. As we all know, too often many coaches teach what they know from rec ball and don't realize the lesser of weaknesses certain defenses offer a good offense oriented coach.)
Dec 3, 2008
99% of the time our corners play in and our shortstop is responsible for covering 3B. If the batter shows bunt, the SS is responsible for covering the steal. If the batter does not show bunt, typically the 3B drops back to cover the steal; although we may have the SS cover the steal no matter what with certain batters or types of batters at the plate.

I suppose you could set the defense so the 3Bman stays back and covers 3B on the bunt. If that's the case you better 1) Have a very, very good fielding pitcher and 2) Have your pitcher throw on the outside corner to force that bunt to the right side of the field.
Mar 2, 2009
Suffolk, VA
appreciate your reply. Agree, Pitcher has to be a good fielder and pitch selection should be to 1B side of plate. (I typically might throw a RH batter Low-away pitches to force her bunt toward 1B player crashing and to LH batter, throw High-In, to try and get a popup and worse case a ball to middle to 1B line, (might throw a LH power-hitter a low-in).

I have also in the past had SS cover 3B, but hate the situation where a fast runner at 2B with a running start is racing my SS, who is caught having to be cautious for the ball in play (Slap/Hit) at same time she has 3B responsibility. She has to beat her to 3B, make a catch on the run and tag. Yup - we've done it, but it is a gamble.
My other concern is when a batter shows bunt and then pulls back on pitchers motion for slap or hit.
Also, if we let CF cover 2B, we have to be cautious about not having a 2nd layer of defense for backup of an errant throw.

Again, thank you.
Jun 28, 2010
Your best bunt coverage is to have your 1st and 3rd baseman crashing when they see the hands drop to bunt position, with 2nd base covering 1st and your SS covering 3 if there are any runners on base. The CF will need to cover 2nd. The 2nd baseman needs to be trained to look for the 2nd play of the runner rounding 2nd base or trying for 3rd. We practice this defense a lot and with good team chemistry it is successful. Your 3rd baseman watches the hands of LH batters and the 1st baseman watches the hands of the RH batter. The defense needs to yell slap and retreat if they read it as well. I would never suggest crashing right up to the bunter because of the Fake-Bunt-Slap scenario.

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