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A young 10 team


Way past gone
Aug 28, 2011
The Crazy Train
Bucket Drill
Set an empty bucket just behind first base
Set a full one at pitching plate

Half the team rotates at catching at 1st base
Half the team rotates at fielding and throwing to first at 2nd base positioning
Coach hard rolls balls to players at 2nd base positioning and they field and throw to 1st base player

When the bucket is empty you yell switch and the groups move from 1st base to 2nd base positioning
Once you do both groups you move the fielding group to SS positioning and do this over...
Once finished here you move the fielding group to 3rd base positioning and do this over....
This drill warms up the player, allows you to work on bounced balls, balls straight up to the player, balls going away from the out and ball going to the out. It also keep everyone moving quickly and allows for both Fielding, Throwing, Footwork and Catching all in one drill. Very solid. We start every practice with this for warm ups along with stretching.

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