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Thread: throwing with opposite hand

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    Default throwing with opposite hand

    Let's say that you have a player near the end of her competitive career with a career ending injury on her throwing side (ucl)- can still hit and opts out of surgery for a variety of reasons. Now, thinking about both the short term (next season) and long term (rest of her life, ie coaching aspirations, playing catch with her own kids someday, beer league etc).....IF you were going to help her learn to throw with her non dominant hand- how would you do it? What drills would you do? How would you progress? (FYI- player is RH but has hit left since age 10- very good hitter and good hand-eye coordination).

    Not necessarily interested in debating whether it can be done- in just one week I'm convinced it can be (again thinking long term- but still keeping short term in mind). Wanting to make sure to go about it in a logical, safe way.

    How's that for a Friday night question?

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    A good opportunity to ingrain Wasserman's stuff before bad habits/muscle memory are created. Just a matter of time and reps to become proficient IMO
    “It is what we learn after we know it all that really counts” - John Wooden

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    DD can switch hit, that will get her places.

    She throws righty, I do not think it would take to long to teach her to throw lefty. I throw righty and I think it would take a long time to be competent lefty.

    So I think it really depends, personally I would look long term.

    What green said and play catch as much as possible, or throw a tennis ball against the wall.

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    Can it be done sure it's just a matter of time and effort. Not going to be easy though

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    I'm sort-of ambidextrous. Mom was a lefty, so I eat and write left-handed. Dad and most siblings were righty, so sports I played "early" - baseball, football, basketball - are done righty, while "newer" sports (tennis, pool) I gravitated to as a lefty. Bare-handed, it's natural for me to catch a ball right-handed. But put a glove on my right hand, and I look more clueless than a tee-baller.

    I've been dealing with a shoulder issue since college, and have considered switching throwing hands as well, thinking it would be an easier transition for myself than most. My hesitation to this point has been catching, and may be the harder transition for her as well. As natural as throwing can be, most of us still "think" about each throw (effort / velocity, location, etc.). Catching, IMO, is almost instinctual/reflective - your mind has trained your eyes and body to do all sorts of calculations to put your glove in the right place. To now do this with the opposite hand, I believe, will require more conscious effort (re-wiring?) than the throwing process.

    To try and make this post useful for you, I'll agree with GM - using Wasserman as a guide is probably your best option, and the water bottle drill may even save the initial embarrassment of chasing down some really awkward throws early on. :-) Documenting this process would make for a very interesting thread to follow here on DFP.

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