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  1. starsnuffer

    UCLA's youngest commit ever

    Are we going to have a pool going on how many weeks before Arizona recruits a 12 year old? -W
  2. starsnuffer

    UCLA's youngest commit ever

    There is no down side for a school accepting a verbal commitment for a player. It won't end until there is a downside for the school. -W
  3. starsnuffer

    Question ...

    It's okay you're not alone. All the time people come here, or other places, ask for advice, and then proceed to make a thousand excuses on why the advice is invalid. He shoulder is good at release, it's not as bad as I thought at first glance, however, she is slowing down towards the end in...
  4. starsnuffer

    Question ...

    Her shoulder is eight inches too high, it's not her head. When she does that she shortens her arm. When her arm is shorter her lever is shorter. She's taking away from her natural tools. Hopefully she'll read this and fix it in absence of her parent trying to apply a reality filter. -W
  5. starsnuffer

    How many of you forgo the bucket?

    If you're working with new pitchers you're probably doing more fetching than catching, so use this: -W
  6. starsnuffer

    Question ...

    What does her shoulder have against her ear? They should be nicer to each other. She's cutting herself short, look like she's trying to force something that someone read about on the internet and told her she should be doing. Put a net in front of her and have her throw into the net and grab...
  7. starsnuffer


    Thank you, had to take a break, cos words. Am I doing this right? [u -W
  8. starsnuffer


    Rule #1 of functioning in modern society: Never listen to someone describe an action. We have video for that. Words confuse things. Post a video of your daughter and what this instructor is teaching and you will have provided the correct data to enable a correct answer. Everything else is...
  9. starsnuffer

    A change in mentality question for the group.....

    7 Billion people in the world. If you don't look out for #1, no one else will. -W
  10. starsnuffer

    Teaching beginners how to properly throw.

    Play dodge ball. The athletic kids will teach themselves how to throw, the ones who run and hide are your bench warmers. -W
  11. starsnuffer

    Who has the very best overall pitching mechanics?

    More like Denny Tincher is a product of Angela Tincher, but you're still in good hands ;) -W
  12. starsnuffer

    Palm up curve-how flat is the spin?

    It's easy to get this to spin perfectly perfect. That said, being able to tilt the hand just a bit to give an up/out or down/out break is very very easy to do. The BIGGEST problem is if the pitcher releases the ball too far out in front of their body and they tend to "show their palm" to the...
  13. starsnuffer

    check this out

    Hold a ball in your left hand and a ball in your right hand. Make an arm circle with your right arm as you feed the ball in your left hand into the machine. Why is this difficult? -W
  14. starsnuffer

    Players who bypass high school softball

    No, I just think it had to be reiterated. Remember, HS coaches are pulled from pools of volunteers who can make themselves available after 3pm. Travel coaches (and rec ball) are pulled from volunteers who can be available after 5pm or even later. The former pool is very shallow, has not been...
  15. starsnuffer

    Highest level of travel ball

    This is true. PGF and TCS are businesses. As we know in this country, businesses are expected to grow their profits or they fail on the drop of the hat. ASA is like a labor union. Labor unions are the antithesis to progress, innovation, and opportunity, but they like roaches and will not...

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