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Recent content by MrTicl

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    Team cancelling TCS Myrtle - no refunds

    Not good for TCS for trying to get teams for future tournaments .
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    Catchers Gear

    Also if you need a bat to go with that catchers gear hit CORE up also :)
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    Albany-area travel ball?

    Just do a google search 'Travel softball teams near Albany NY' you will find quite a few ,, Miss Shen has a huge complex and a number of travel teams . Also Capital District Fusion has a number of teams .
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    Umpire Guidelines for Covid Softball

    Watching Korean baseball the umpires are behind the catcher wearing face masks under there umpire masks. I don't see why this could not work for fastpitch softbal. JMO
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    Softball war stories

    Might want to add e-z ups to that list :)
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    I would keep using it and when you get closer to the warranty date then i would sent it back . Or send it back sooner if umpires tend to think its a crack .
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    Boombah batting helmet facemask

    Had the same issues with my dd's Worth years ago . I just used a hacksaw and cut the side bars out then i put liquid electrical tape over where i cut , never had any issues with umpires .DD said it improved her vision 100% :)
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    Catchers mitt hand stall size

    At 13 your now looking for something that will fit and last for years ,my DD has been using the white 34 liberty advanced now for 4 yrs(high school, travel ball and now college) I got it for $109 ,but cant remember which site i bought it from . Hand stall fits her great ! Good luck .
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    Leather Softball

    Used to use Trump softballs ,but gave up on them a few years ago :) :) :) !!!
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    Different tee types worth getting?

    There's always the Cheap way out ,, DD broke our tee and needed one in a hurry, noticed a friend of mine who owns a driveway sealing business across the street and he had some 'orange road cones' made a few adjustments to the cone and its still going strong after 3 years. Our team does get a few...
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    Brand new fields

    Great looking fields ,well done !
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    Just wanted to say goodbye and thank you guys for everything!

    Sad to see you leave , my kid is off playing college ball also but still like to come in here and see whats new as far as gloves ,bats, etc .. Hope you will still pop in as i along with many enjoy reading your post and pics ,,also i'll miss the pics of the gloves on your cars :)
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    Which bat to buy?

    Can't go wrong with buying a bat from Core ,,2018 is yes an asa bat but also can be used for high school AND college . I too have bought bats from Core and so has many of my DD teammates. Just pm him or text him ,,,Good luck!
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    SCORE!! - Wilson ProMotion chest protectors

    I was like a kid in a candy store last year when i found all the pro-motion gear in Red ,took me 3 web sites and a couple of weeks to get all the sizes that i needed for my dd's college team ( players choice on catchers equipment as long as its red ) She used her 5 yr old Blue pro-motion gear...
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    1B Glove/Mitt Question

    Had an umpire stop the game once because my dd was in left field using her catchers mitt , he said only Two (he called them trappers were allowed in the field at one time either 1st basemans mitt or catchers mitt ) turns out the girl playing 1 St base had a regular glove so it was ok ,, this...