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  • Thanks Atlantabell! Been a rough year all around...we actually got the news on the way home from my brothers funeral which made the timing worse, but we are all feeling great about the future in more than just softball!
    We went to the park and I set the tee up and told her to take some warm up swings...she walked up and hit the first one about 20 feet over the centerfield fence. I said that was a warmup swing? She smiled and said "that felt good!"
    Maybe that's a good sign of things to come! Thanks again!
    Good luck with your new team. I hope your daughter has a great time, that she uses this to motivate her to better things, and that someday she looks back and says she is glad it happened! If you ever see us on the field come say hi!
    Unfortunately a little too far to make it to your tryouts but you know people on our team and they have spoken highly of your organization. I hate to say because I've said too much iwhile upset on here and wish I would have kept quite. We will let her choose but she says she's not sure. It looks like most of her current team is moving up or out of the organization. Thanks Atlantabell
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