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    What would you expect coaches/tournament directors to do differently when we return back to play

    The end of May is still a long time away. Ohio is slowly opening things up May 1st. Everyone just needs to relax and see how things develop once things start to open up. Most people really weren't in quarantine anyway. People were still in crowds at the grocery and I have seen kids and parents...
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    Marcela 10 Years Old

    I'm too cheap to buy the skillz bat, so I got a 28" long 1.5" wide pvc pipe and bought the foam practice golf balls at walmart. My 7yo loves hitting them. I have $8 invested in everything.
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    Playing too much and burn out for 10u ? Any happy medium?

    My daughter plays 8u and we had a big uproar on our team because parents wanted to play more tournaments. The problem with 8u in our area is there are not many teams, so we usually have to travel at least a hour and a half. We are playing every other weekend from the second week of April until...
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    How fast to first base????

    MY DD likes getting the inside lane in the 200 because in her 7yo brain she thinks they are giving the other girls a head start with the staggered start in the corner. She will tell me after every win that they gave all those girls a headstart and that she still beat them.
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    How fast to first base????

    I send my 7yo to a speed and agility class for this reason. She is very fast and runs track in a 9yo division. Her problem is that just like a sprinter it takes her a second to get to full speed. At 20 yards she will barely beat kids, but at 40 yards she will be 7 or 8 steps ahead of them. Her...
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    Looking for a composite bat for my 7 Year old DD

    I hope we make the jump to 10u next year. It's tough in my area to find other 8u teams, so we end up having to travel a couple hours for tournament.
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    Looking for a composite bat for my 7 Year old DD

    Some of you need to watch some more 8u. There are some amazons playing 8u that definitely can launch a ball. The main reason I went with the carbon 1 -13 was it was light enough for my dauther and didn't mess up the mechanics in her swing. And the weight on it seems accurate. I looked at lxt...
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    Looking for a composite bat for my 7 Year old DD

    My 7 year old is very small. I got her a 28" drop 13 mizuno carbon 1 for Xmas. It's so much lighter than the team bat that was a 28" cf6 drop 11. She doesn't complain about hand sting on mis hits anymore either. I think it was around $190 on Amazon.
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    DD Not Seeing The Ball

    My 7 YO playing coach pitch had a issue early in the year with the coach lobbing the ball. She is really short, so to make contact she would be hitting balls above her head. We made a pitching change and now have more of a straight line with some speed pitcher. Lobbying the ball did make my...
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    Just turned 7

    Nope, she really is 3' 6" maybe 3'7" by now it has been a couple months since her last checkup. We haven't played a team yet with anyone smaller than her. I have seen some gigantic 8u girls though. We played a team that their catcher was at least 5' and around 120 lbs. It was pretty damn funny...
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    Just turned 7

    She is 42" tall and about 45 lbs and yes that bat is too big. It's a 29" -12 vendetta. She uses the team bat in games and it's a 28" -11 cf6. I am leaning towards getting her the 28" -13 f20 Mizuno. The CF6 team bat still looks too heavy for her.
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    Just turned 7

    I don't push her very hard because of her age. She is very competitive so I go at the speed she wants. My biggest fear is burning her out at a young age. She is going to have this year and next at 8u, so I figure there is plenty of time. I am going to try to sneak her into a older rec league...
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    Just turned 7

    I haven't messed with her swing too much. This is her first year of 8u travel ball. She fouls a lot of balls straight back. I think that's from collapsing her front knee. What other problems do you see?
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    Xmas bat for 7 year old

    They are all 28" drop 11
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    Xmas bat for 7 year old

    Out of these, what do you think the best option? They are all between 170 and 200.

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