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    Got a 21 PC from Core several months ago and the new ones are Blue. I do like that better than the purple.
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    Tell me theorys on bunting....

    My DD's team has a girl that does that from the right side. She's so flipping fast....she'll put it down on the 1st base side and be half way down the baseline before the ball is fielded. It's super impressive. I've seen her miss the first time and do it the second time and they still can't get...
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    Pitching rule change???

    Because 70MPH from 43 feet isn't hard enough.....?
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    Elbow guard discussion

    Yeah....because the Riseball always goes where it's aimed. I guess they shouldn't wear masks in the field or on their batting helmet....heck, why wear a batting helmet? I always laugh at the "back in my day" or if you're afraid you should choose another sport arguments. If you can apply a...
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    Unprepared Coach

    lol...I have a pretty good amount of gray hair and I do blame both my DD's. All the questions are fair to ask and TBH....I have coached 10's and 12's and to try and get a good practice in with only myself would be challenging. Maybe wait a few weeks to see if things change and reach out to the...
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    Unprepared Coach

    While I agree that it may be challenging to coach 10 year olds with only one coach, it's like wrangling cats. I also would question what your expectations are of a 10U "select" team. While of course there are some very good 10U teams out there, I think the biggest learning at that age comes from...
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    Question for the people that have purchased Bradley gloves.

    I've purchased 2 Bradley Bandito's for my 2 daughters when they were each in 12U I believe. They loved them. My oldest finally needed a new one after a couple of years and we went with a Rawlings but she didn't want to do it initially. Pretty good gloves that break in really easy and fit smaller...
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    Parent Cheers?

    I didn't watch that close but it certainly appeared to be parent aged
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    Parent Cheers?

    Good bet.
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    Parent Cheers?

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    Parent Cheers?

    So we're down at PGF this week and I was watching a game before ours started and what caught me by surprise is that the parents not only cheered, they chanted.....the same type of cheers that the players would chant. The one that caught my ear was the ear worm "way to foul it off big...
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    Thank you! Not sure I agree with it, but rules are rules. I guess next time we'll have them lift their back leg to "attempt" to get out of the way of the ball! (lol)
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    HBP? playing at our 12U USA State tournament and one of our batters gets hit....she takes her base. Immediately the opposing coach comes out and talks to HU. A few innings later, another one of our girls get hit. The ball bounced up and hits her in the leg mind you....she doesn't move...
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    Is it cracked?

    DD's replacement Ghost. Is it paint cracks or replacement cracks?
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    Power Carbon

    My oldest DD swings a Ghost and she's broken a few. had a couple of replacements but I'd like to see about having her check out a Power Carbon. Would be interested in a gently used 33/23.