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    running through 1B and then the turn

    and that's what I thought, straight through the bag and straight back to the bag. thank you both!
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    running through 1B and then the turn

    At today's practice, AC keeps telling girls who have safely reached first on the throw to always turn to the right and go to the bag or they will be out. I have always had girls turn to the left, just because it's a habit I like, and return to the bag. I get that their one stop is when they...
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    new old bat

    Hey, just bought a wooden Worth 500SB Official Softball "Crusher" bat. Made in Tullahoma, Tenn. Anybody know anything about this bat?
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    ...feeling burnt out?? Would like dad help on this one.

    I coach my 12U DD andshe/we have worked hard to be where she is now and where we hope to be. yes, I said "we". Coaches see things in players that sometimes players don't or can't see and it pains us greatly when a player wants to call it a day or a season or forever. It seems to me, based on...
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    ...feeling burnt out?? Would like dad help on this one.

    how about dialing back the travel and competiton and just enjoy the sport? life is too short to be miserable.
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    net needed

    So front toss wihtout a net is no longer an option. I would appreciate advice on a good and priced right net, please and thank you.
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    Bill Hillhouse Zoom

    Rosey, a Buffalo, NY instructor !
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    right, and then they still just look at you, right? lol maybe dance around a little bit, couple of fake steals, keep checking with you because they can't believe you really want them to steal, and then back to the bag. love 10U!
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    or just yell "Steal!!" after the first two meaningless signs.
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    I love coaching, but my daughter hates me.

    I'm working on my 3rd DD as a coach. been there, done that, came to this - doesn't matter if you're her team coach or her personal coach, you are her COACH, not her parent. once this relationship is fully established and accepted by both parties, then the interactions become impersonal and the...
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    Helping a pitching get stride leg down at the right time

    I attributed her change to increased FSR and decreased leakage resulting in increased speed and better location.
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    TTB vs HTTB

    I find myself starting to hang around this forum. Should I be worrying about my mental health?o_O
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    2 hitting aids

    well, I just found mine and now that I understand what it's supposed to do, we use it and it actually does help. as others have said before, an aid has no value if you don't know how and what it's aiding. :)
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    How to Play Softball During a Pandemic

    Interesting conversation! I see no reason not to allow local leagues, especially if you are semi-rural like we are. We are OUTside. If people want to sit together or not, that's their call. As an aside, I can recall times as a 3B coach for 10,12 14U teams, when signals were clearly not...

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