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What rules if any govern excessive hit by pitches?

Apr 30, 2018
Why is she at the wrong level? If she cannot throw strikes she is a C pitcher regardless of how hard she throws.
She was on a league team, not a travel ball team. It was a rough tournament for our girls with HBP. 10 out of our 12 players went home with bruises from opposing pitchers.

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Mar 20, 2015
Maybe against the rules but I think the umpire did the right thing. Sometimes you just have to use common sense. Also could use the argument that it is intentional since the opposing coach knows that she cannot control the ball and she will continue to hit half the batters. What if MLB put in a pitcher that performed like that. Benches would be cleared and there would be retaliation.
Sep 19, 2018
She was on a league team
Our Little League league has a rule "If a pitcher hits 3 batters in an inning or 6 in total the pitcher must be removed from the game as a pitcher (and cannot return as a pitcher)"

On a side note, my DD first travel ball tournament (10U), the pitcher was throwing gas (it seemed at the time). She hit 3 battering in an inning. tears each time, IIRC the batters all got pinch runners so they could cry on the bench. On the 3rd hits batsman, the pitcher then started crying too!!! They took her out of the game. She came back in the next inning and was lights out the rest of the way.
Oct 2, 2011
There is no rule that allows the umpire to force a coach to change a pitcher.

As an umpire my training says I am meant to just continue play and say nothing and I am not doing anything in higher skilled level games (had a 16U-A game where a pitcher hit 5 and she was replaced by a pitcher who hit 3 - ugh - but I didn't do a thing).

That said, there are coaches with NO common sense. None. Especially in the younger age groups. If it is truly getting ridiculous at say the 12U rec level, you have to sometimes find a way to help the coach make the right call. Not me - I can't make the decsion or force them to make a decision - but that doesn't mean I shouldn't help it along. Again - LOW. LOW beginner level play and coaches and it has to be something that has been going on forever. Not doing it otherwise.

So how:

I have been known to take an extra long pause, and look into the dugout before restarting play when something has gone on way, way too long (more common than even HBP is the 10+run innings) just to give them extra time to make a decision they should be making without help and to give them a hint that I am expecting them to do something.

If they don't get the hint after that, next step is a quiet word with the coach "Coach, I can't make you change the pitcher but you need to do something here"

Again - absolutely not my role here as an umpire. But at the same time, at some point, common sense has to come in to play; especially if you are the most expereinced person at the park. It is not unlike widening the strike zone at some point when the game is a blowout or ir is 23-21 in a HS game in the seocnd inning with 20+ walks - it has to happen.
Jun 11, 2013
I've seen local rules with a rule for this (3 HBP) had to change pitchers but there is no rule in the books. HC should not throw a kid out there who is hitting batter after batter but it's up to them.

As far as masks I have no problem with anyone wanting to wear but I also don't think it's stupid to not wear one at most positions.
Sep 13, 2020
As the the coach of the team being HBP I would first, talk to the umpire and ask him to talk to the opposing coach. If the umpire is unwilling to do that, or unable to convince the coach, then I would talk to the opposing coach. Maybe ask for a pitching change ... maybe let him know that if there's another HBP this inning that you'll withdraw from the game. If that didn't work I would withdraw from the game and walk away. I would also not accept another game against that team without coming to an understanding with that coach about how it would be handled next time. Lastly, I would talk to other coaches in the league and ask them to apply similar pressure. This is C level ball, girls are still learning the game. The pitcher should be given an opportunity but not at the expense of all of the other players being hit by real speed.

My DD hit 3 batters in Cal Ripken 50/70 game a few years ago and she threw really hard. The coach pulled her. She left in tears ... not because the coach pulled her but because she couldn't find her control.
Oct 2, 2011
If the umpire is unwilling to do that, or unable to convince the coach, then I would talk to the opposing coach.
A good umpire will stop you from doing this.

A good umpire will know what you are going to do and as an official, you cannot have one coach confront another coach. That can escalate REALLY quickly and it rarely ends well. I know you likley have good intentions, but that is unfortuanatley not the point.


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Dec 13, 2019
Our infielders all wear masks whether they want to or not, optional for the outfield. At this point it is just plain stupid to not wear a mask in the infield, there are zero legitimate reasons to not wear one even at the college level.
Great point in your post!
'zero legitimate reasons to not wear one'

People have said to me
"Catching is a tough position you can really get beat up!"
I reply
"Catching is the position that gets to wear protective gear!"

I also wore regular knee pads always!
May 1, 2018
League = 3 HBP and the pitcher is out until the next inning.
All my infielders have to wear a mask...it's not an option. If you want to take the field on my team that the rule. Outfielder is preference.