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varsity pitch count, stats

Mar 31, 2009
Is there an average amount of pitches that a pitcher should be throwing in one 7 inning game or a max for softball? Also I am looking for any D1 or D2 pitching guidline stats, but really haven't found much. I was told that pitchers have to meet a certain criteria if they want to be considered to be on the recruiting list. I see my pitcher as having pretty good stats but than fear that the league we are in isn't challenging or hard enough at the same time. I know stats aren't everything but it should give some inclination on the type of pitcher they are. Good, Bad, Average?

IP 105.5 B's 612 S's 869 TP 1481 API 14.03 Hits 54 BB's 46 HB 18 K's 174 ER 27 Won 13 Loss 3 BB\K .264
ERA 2.30 BA\Pit .143 %S's .587 RA117

This is her 2nd year pitching. She isnt tired after games or sore. She cruises at about 57mph. She throws a double header two times a week which I know is too much but it doesn't really seem to affect her speed. The start of her first game and the start of the second game usually doesn't have much if any affect on her speed. Could she be not throwing hard enough?

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