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update on 16U learning to play Catcher.

Apr 3, 2020
Hello everyone. I had a trip to the batting cages and got permission to do some catching . 60+MPH . Catching/Blocking . I think I did okay . Video is below.
May 24, 2013
So Cal
Great to see you working on your skills. A few tips:

1. Good receiving starts with a solid foundation to work from. Get into a receiving position where your heels are on the ground. Up on your toes like you are is unstable and not able to work from a position of strength. We can see multiple balance checks in this video, and a lot of body movement while receiving. Falling forward like you did on the first one is likely to get you hurt by a swinging bat.

2. Your throwing hand does not need to be wrapped around your back so far. As long as the pitcher can't see it, it's fine. My preference is next to the right ankle, in a loose fist, with the thumb inside the fingers. You may find this also helps you find a more relaxed and stable receiving position.

3. As mentioned in your previous thread, work on sticking the location of the pitch right where you catch it. Right now, you're stabbing at the ball, and your glove is moving a lot after the catch.

Keep at it, Hannah! :)