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Sarasota Heat 06 14u 2020 Spring/Summer Tryouts

Jan 3, 2019
We have open positions that we are looking to fill on our roster for the spring/summer seasons. Looking for '05, '06, and strong 07's. All positions will be considered and will be competed for. We are also looking for pitchers and can offer plenty of circle time. Practice's are 2 days per week, plus 1 day of strength & conditioning per week. We believe in player development and teaching the fundamentals to build a solid foundation and get our players ready for the next level.

Tryouts will be held at Miss Sarasota Softball 1133 Gun Club Rd, Sarasota, FL 34232 on the following dates:

Thursday Jan 9th 6-8pm on field 2
Saturday Jan 11th 2-4pm on field 6
*** Private tryouts available ***

If interested, text/call Tom 941-586-5801