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New 12.25” Gloveworks for sell.

Jul 29, 2013
Yep, another catch and release.

Brand new 12.25” I-web Gloveworks x Dan Davis collaboration, these are shipped from GW to Dan’s house in Georgia where he finishes and laces them up.

Japanese tanned Pro-Steerhide in Midnight tan.
The liner is the same leather as the shell leather.
Heavy duty split gray welting.
Mizuno triple X laced wrist already in the tightest setting.
Wilson laced web spiral with X’s to match the wrist.
The best tan lace of any glove I currently own!
Gold stitching.

Absolutely nothing has been done to this glove, haven’t even caught one ball with it! No conditioner, no beeswax, no dumbbell or mallet work, nothing!

It’s just too small for my taste (little too shallow for me) but the only way for me to know was to order one. This glove is SUPER nice!! If it were the size of my new NP6, I wouldn’t even consider selling it!

I paid exactly $190.00 and just want to recoup my money. 10U & 12U Dad’s probably need not apply, this glove is a brick that’s going to take some real work! This glove has a really small hand stall and will make a great middle infielder glove, especially 2B.


Jul 29, 2013
Sorry, no idea why these pics are rotated? They were edited and everything is correct, sorry! Posted from my phone instead of my iPad, that’s probably the issue?

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