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Has anyone tried this?


Aug 21, 2008
Boston, MA
I'm posting this because I'm wondering if any of you have heard of or tried this product (I'm in no way affiliated). If you have tried it, were there noticeable results?
MKANX Baseball Training Bat Improves Swing Mechanics

I was at a LL coaches meeting the other night and there was a guy there who was recommending this bat as a training tool.

At first I thought it was another dumb gimmick looking for suckers, but I checked it out anyway when they passed it to me. I am always skeptical of anything "instructional" offered by my town's rec department or Little League.
I held the bat and took a few swings to get the feel of it.

Ever since then I keep thinking back to it and quite honestly I think it might be a good tool for teaching how to get the body into the swing. If I hadn't held it in my hands and tried it, I wouldn't have thought anything of it. Even at the time I wasn't particularly impressed. but since then I've been thinking of applications where I think it could help a lot of kids.

Very simple. Overly thick handled bat (normal weight for a wooden bat of that size) that doesn't really allow you to use your wrists when you swing. I think that taking practice swings with this bat and/or hitting off a tee with this will develop the muscle memory in the legs and torso, making it become natural in young hitters. Also, when you swing a regular bat after swinging this, the addition of wrists into the equation seems to create a turbo-charged kick.

Has anyone tried this? If so what are your thoughts on it's effectiveness?


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