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Fall Season for DD

Aug 10, 2016
I forgot to come and post about this..(warning long)
DD played in her last middle school SB game a while ago. They had a really good season. Her 6th grade season was not very good. They only won 2 games the entire season. She was 1 of 4 6th graders on that team. Her 7th grade season, they did really well and were 9-0-1 in the regular season. Because they won their division, they got moved to the higher division for the End of Season tournament where they were slaughtered by the A level teams (they had played in essentially the B level during the regular season). This year (for her 8th grade season), her team was a pretty young team. One of our starting pitchers was a 6th grader. There were 3 8th graders, 5 6th graders and 3 7th graders on the team so her coach played them in the B level again. We ended up going undefeated in the regular season (10-0).

Only 1 team was easy for our team but we still had one of the teams we beat say we were only winning because we played in a lower level :/ The rest of our games were decided by 2-3 runs at most so I'm not sure what the team was talking about.

For the EOS tournament, 4 teams from the A level bracket moved down and we played with 2 other teams in our division. We ended up 2-2 in the tournament. Played against one team who ended up winning the tournament who had a pitcher who was probably throwing close to 50ish or more (from 40).

MS was going to be the only thing DD did this fall but ended up playing with her MS coach's 18U rec team. They haven't played a ton of games due to the fact that there are girls with jobs on the team. There's only been one team where our team hasn't essentially run-ruled them. Same team beat us - really we beat ourselves as we had the most errors in both games we played against them. They play in their EOS this week.

Then as soon as SB is over, DD also made the middle school basketball team and her first game is next week. Never a dull moment :)
Aug 10, 2016
Update to the previous post...Her EOS tournament was this past week. She's always been a SS/C for the majority of her 10U-14U teams. For the 18U rec team, her coach had her play SS some but has had her play OF since she really wanted to play there and she's got a really good arm. The first game of the tournament, she made a really awesome diving catch in CF - like I really wish I could have it on film. I heard a lot of other parents commenting on her after she caught another one later (which was a much easier line drive)

We had only lost to one team all season and it was the team we had to play in order to make it to the championship game. I don't know if it was because it was in the morning but we racked up the hits and ended up winning 15-4 against them. They were the team we ended up facing in the championship which was a night game in the cold. It was a back and forth game but we eventually went ahead and held them off. DD had a really good tournament - she had several really good hits.

I know the pitching in rec isn't as great but she had way more hits in 18U than she did in 14U travel or MS. She had the 2nd most hits on her team. And it's the first time she's won the EOS in her 6 years of playing. The last few years her team has been runner-up in the EOS so it was nice to finally get the win :)
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