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EXTREME ELITE 16u | Invitation to Train with the Extreme Elite 16u Softball Teams

Jan 18, 2017
Our 16u Extreme Elite softball teams are cordially inviting YOU to train with us on Sundays through 2/26 for FREE! Both 16u Elite teams (Freshman and GOLD) have roster openings. BUT rather than TALK about our program, we are opening our doors for you SEE and PARTICIPATE in our training. Come take part in what high-level elite softball training is, feel what we are truly about and try us on for size! Did we mention it’s FREE with NO obligation?!?! We believe so strongly in our mission, we are opening our doors to the entire softball community.

If you are a high-school softball athlete searching for a program of 'like-minded' athletes and families that focuses on national competition, stresses collegiate recruiting, teaches peak performance/failure recovery, facilitates a leadership program, and offers elite level skill training, then TRY US OUT. Our Network Training is the best around – ask about our OTD program!

To schedule a Sunday and time to participate, select one of the following sessions and contact the head coach listed below. If you would prefer a private and confidential workout, please contact the head coach as well. (Multiple time slots are available to accommodate your schedule, this does not necessarily translate into a tryout for that particular team.)

NOTE: Sunday Sessions will be held on 1/29, 2/5 (Freshman only), 2/12, 2/19, 2/26

If the Extreme Elite 16u program is a right ‘fit’ for you and your family, further discussions ca be had with the Extreme Elite 16u coaches to ensure proper placement based upon your goals, aspirations and skill level.

To learn more about the Extreme Elite program, check out www.extremepride.org and Extreme Elite 16u Gold - Home.

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