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Cell Phone Use Team Policy?


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
I am just finishing my team policies for the 2009 season for my 16U team.

I also know that many girls in this generation are totally addicted to their cell phone, texting, etc. Personally, in a team environment, especially during weekend tournaments, I am not so sure that it is a good thing for the team when these girls are busy "virtually socializing" with others when they should be doing so with their teammates.

I would be curious to know if your team has a policy for cell use on trips and weekend tournaments? If so, what kind of policy do you use?

What are your thoughts in general on that topic?


Jan 24, 2009
Dear Coach Marc,
My team does have a cell phone policy. During a game or practice cell phones are to be left in your bag if you have one. If a coach is talking before or after a game we are not allowed to use them. In between games, we are free to use them. Although our team is like a family and we are hardly ever talking to anyone else but our teammates.

Cell phones are hard to put restrictions on. I love texting and do it almost contstantly. Although by our coach setting the rules we do not use our cell phones quite as often.

Hope this helps!!
Jan 24, 2009
Cell Phones

Because I am coaching 12 year olds, it is not something I had given much thought to and none of the girls have ever had there cell phone ring while at a practice. To prevent any disruption by a cell phone I will institute a new team policy that does not allow cell phone use of any kind during there time at the field (practices, games, etc). Cell phones will have to turned off while the team is together regardless of the team function (Team BBQ's, movie night's or whatever else we do has a team). Once they are ready to leave to event they can then turn the phones back on .


Super Moderator
Staff member
May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
What a great topic!

My DD finished up her bball career in college a couple of years ago, and she had some issues with her teammates on the phone. After a big game that they would have won or lost, there would always be a couple of girls pulling out their cellphones to call their boyfriends rather than celebrating or commiserating with the team. (This happened even after games in the NCAA post-season tournament.)

On the other hand, I think a total ban on cell phone use during a three day tournament is too much. There is a lot of downtime for the team sitting around for the next game. Even with my DD, there was often a two hour bus ride after the game. Why not OK cell phone use for that?

I would suggest "no cell phone use" for 30 minutes before warming up for a game or 30 minutes after a game.

Obviously, no cell phone use during a game, practices, or team outings.


May 8, 2008
Victorville CA
No cell phones during games, practices and team outings. ESPECIALLY AT DINNER! Cell phones are off in the vans one hour before arriving to the field. Cell phones off in the vans until 30 minutes before arriving back to our school.
NEVER when a coach is talking.
NEVER in the dugout - even after practice they have to go away from the practice area.


May 7, 2008
No cells in the dugout.

A lot of time is spent working with the girls on how, and what, to watch on the pitcher, defense and coaches. This is a weak part of the youth game and cell phones in the dugout make it worse. I believe some organizations had, at one time, a ban on all communication devices in the dugout or on the field.
I coach 14-U girls last year we had a HUGE problem with this, when making this years team I set up the team rules prohibiting cell phone use during practice or in the dugout, said player will be benched for 1 game. So far have not had any issues
Jan 24, 2009
Im a high school Softball coach and we have a very strict policy that amazingly enough the parents follow aswell.. 1,) When we travel my assistant collects all phones before we get on the bus. We return them as soon as the game is over. This includes local games and even if we go for overnite playoff games. All parents have my cell plhone number so they always contact me first. 2.) No phones in the dugouts(of course everyone has this rule). 3.) Any team event we allow no cell phone use, we have designated times for this.
Dec 26, 2008
As a coach and a teacher, cell phones have been a big issue for several years.
It is amazing that the kids would rather text each other rather than talk to each other, even when they are in the same room or ball park.

My policy is "during" games and practices no phone usage period. I do not even want to see the phone.

There is plenty of time to use the phone outside of ball so, it is a distraction the players and the team does not need when they are getting instruction or preparing to take the field.

I give my phone to my wife during practice and games in-case a player or parent needs to contact me and so I am not distracted as well.

If a player is caught with their phone at practice they are instructed to put the phone away and the player will be sent to work on their running skills.

2nd offense, the player has the phone taken away and given to the parents. This usually solves the issue.
May 7, 2008
Geneva, Switzerland
Not much to say. Everybody seems to be saying the same thing. Keep cell phones out of the game, the practices and the team social gatherings. Give them a specific time to use them

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