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Bad economy affecting you?

Nov 1, 2008
Our youth sports program has noticed a drop in enrollment in softball and baseball. It's not a large number of kids, but we're a small community and had reached the point in the last few years where we were fielding about 2 teams per age group. This year there were only 18 girls who registered for 12U, so we'll only have one team in that age group this year. That does put us in better shape to be able to compete with the other communities in our league as our limited talent pool won't be split into 2 teams.

A co-worker of mine lives in Dothan and he told me during basketball season that their enrollment was down considerably. They had to have fewer age groups in order to have enough teams for their schedule. He said baseball enrollment there was down as well. I believe he said 3 fewer teams in the age group his sons are in.
Dec 12, 2008
Albany NY
Albany NY - our rec program is down from 454 to 431 - so not bad. and we actually had an abundance of sponsors this season as compared to years past.
Dec 10, 2008
So far our league is down 50 girls.Hopefully last signup or late signups will close the gap.