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    Latest swings from long time DFP member

    Pretty nice swings. Correct me if I’m wrong, but she was taught TTB right? A few observations.. contact point is a bit to deep on some pitches and the barrel works away from the head on the initial move to the ball. A bit longer path than need be. Still a nice swing by an athletic kid. Good job.
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    Allie 1st Year 10u

    I’m very partial . Love the sequence of movements. She looks to be whipping the barrel. Balanced. Low effort as well. Nice heel to heel transfer. Stays in the posterior for a long time. 👏👏👏
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    Bat drag

    I think walking away from the hands or pullback or whatever you want to call it creates the compression/contractions. Not saying you can’t start that way. I meant lose the hips initially at stride. As long as you have your hips, arm bar can be overcome or used imo. Not my style though. I want...
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    Bat drag

    Yes. I was speaking generally. But other things as well can contribute. Loading the hands early. Outta sequence, Trapping etc etc.
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    Bat drag

    It’s an isometric contraction of the shoulders and lats, scaps and other adjoining muscles that creates the arm against the chest while rotating to release the barrel. Less on the out more on the in. Imo anyway.
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    Bat drag

    Bad arm bar is from losing the hips early. Good arm bar is from adjusting to a pitch further away from the perceived arc in space and or time. Can be approach related as well. You can bring the arm back into flexion as well. When you bar the front arm it creates more tension in the wrist. Imo...
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    What does this tell you?

    The only advocate for an arm bar as a fundamental is Bobby S.
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    Bat drag

    I wouldn’t say it’s a waste of time completely. But having proper context definitely will clear up things much much quicker in why and how. When I give lessons I always ask what they were taught before so I know what is shaping their actions to the ball. Knowing how Belli sets up, sequences...
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    Bat drag

    Looking at mlb clips and saying they have drag is a waste of time. You need to know intent, timing and approach to really have an idea of what’s going on. Jmo.
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    Bat drag

    Drag is disconnection caused usually by incorrect sequencing caused by a bad set up mostly. the young lady in this thread has drag on some swings. E is right. On some swings she compensates and throws her hands over the top early. You can go work in a mirror like E said or you can set up...
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    Bat drag

    Op, your dd is unbalanced and doesn’t shift her weight at the right time. As DRD said, ‘she’s spinning’. This is why she pulls the ball too much. She extends her hips early and comes out of her stance to hit the ball. her handset creates a bit of drag as well. try a feet crossed drill w the...
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    Front Toss Vid

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    Front Toss Vid

    maybe early hip extension. Losing space as she launches. I see a push w the bat as well. Maybe caused by the EHE?
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    ‘Dog piss’ load..
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    Thought process

    yeah. Take your time, I like TDS fix.

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