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Recent content by L.J.

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    Frustration with composite bats - material inside breaks apart far too soon

    Does softball use the ABI standard of testing like baseball. I really wish softball used the BBCOR standard. And no my DD is not a pitcher lol. Thx Larry
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    Frustration with composite bats - material inside breaks apart far too soon

    We've always had a game bat and a BP/cage bat and that has worked out real well
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    Anderson Bats - Rocketech

    Is this the same Anderson bat company from years ago or new owners. My son's liked the techzilla little league bats early 2000s
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    Good news

    Nope just a really screwed up governor here.
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    Good news

    My DDs college league the CCAA has already cancelled their season.
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    Good news

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    Wanting to play travel ball instead of high school season

    My advice is play when you get a chace to. My DDs senior year HS🥎 was cancelled now her Freshman year of College 🥎 is cancelled. https://fresh-news-now.com/2020/12/04/ccaa-cancels-all-sports-for-2020-21-school-year-because-of-covid-19-issues/
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    Catchers thumb

    Here's a different product and it's been out for a long time. http://catchersthumb.com/
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    Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    Whatever you do make sure they are a vascular surgeon. I've had 2 TOS surgeries. Both were done at UCLA by Dr Hugh Gelabert. They both turned out real well.
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    Who is the most responsible for player growth/performance?

    Player , Parent then coach. 1) as a player they have to work hard and put the work in on the side. Like hitting, bullpens and what ever they need to work on. 2) as a parent it's your job to help them get that stuff done. 3) as a coach it's up to you to fine tune and teach all your players...
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    Catcher's Mask Camera Test

    Here's a interesting camera https://uhwk.com/the-show/
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    Here's some baseball podcast that are good to. Baseball outside the box Ahead of the curve KWB Radio Elite Baseball Development
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    Gamecock asking about a dirtbag now that's funny🤔
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    In the circle.. by Fastpitch news 7 innings podcast... By ESPN The Dirt... Its own separate app on Apple or Goggle. Coaching the mental game of softball.
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    WCWS Slappers out of the box

    Core do any or all of the companies make any bats that they try to push towards slappers.

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