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John 800's latest activity

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    John 800 replied to the thread Best softball story.
    Here is another one... My younger daughter got the bug to play when her older sister started 10u, she was 7 and went to a winter camp...
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    John 800 replied to the thread Best softball story.
    One of my daughters teammates is among the most competitive, aggressive people I have ever been around in my life. Once during a...
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    John 800 replied to the thread What makes you lose your mind?.
    I am not a coach, so when I see other girls doing many of the things mentioned I just think to myself "Only one of the monkeys in that...
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    Where are they going to go with the players discipline? Managers and coaches get fired and suspended but all the players get a pass...
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    Sing this to billy joel’s we didn’t start the fire. Saw it on twitter A.J. Hinch, crossed the line Luhnow gone, heavy fine Draft...

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