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  1. Hillhouse

    Teaching to spin

    2 fantastic points by Sluggers (dare I say the first time we've agreed? lol, I'm kidding). I'd add on to what you said by replying to a comment earlier, someone mentioned Osterman and fastball in the same sentence. I can guarantee you she does not throw a fastball. Nobody at her...
  2. Hillhouse


    I love it. My instructor tells me I'm throwing 8mph faster now!!! :)
  3. Hillhouse

    Teaching to spin

    With all due respect to your daughter Sluggers, I am not talking about a "low fastball'. I don't even know what that is, aside from the obvious meaning. You mean someone would want a "high fastball" that again doesn't move? And I thought riseball was a dangerous pitch! I'm glad...
  4. Hillhouse

    Teaching to spin

    Yes, simplicity. If she gets straight rotation on her "fastball' then you'll notice it dropping when she throws it, then there you have it. No crazy drills. No changing the motion. No altering the delivery. Nothing. Again, assuming you have 6/12 spin on the pitch, you'll notice...
  5. Hillhouse

    Teaching to spin

    Gonna have to disagree with Sluggers on part of his reply. I don't think there's a difference in speed of any kind between a "fastball" and a drop. My thoughts on having a "fastball" to begin with are well known, about how silly that pitch is to have. The difference between a...
  6. Hillhouse

    Screwball examples?

    Nope. Not possible, and I have tried. I have tried HARD. The ball simply won't move unless the rotation is going in the direction you're trying to move it to, and no "bullet spin" doesn't make it go side to side. It only keeps it from dropping. It's just sad that people promote the...
  7. Hillhouse

    Pitching analysis 14u Please

    Strong looking kid!! Lots of MPH's still in that body. Keep up the good work.
  8. Hillhouse

    Transitioning to IR

    I went to Taiwan a few years ago to do some intensive work with their National teams and coaching staffs on pitching training. They have a work ethic unlike anyone else, working day and night but they don't have a lot of natural talent in their pool of players (at least not that I saw). I...
  9. Hillhouse

    The best not knowing what they do (did)

    Ok, where should I start? First: what's the point? Most people say "warming up the wrist". OK, does she throw overhand before starting understand warm ups? Probably. So, just in terms of how the wrist moves when someone throws overhand, they are "warming up the wrist". So then...
  10. Hillhouse

    Bullet spin, spin/ball release.

    Maybe. But side to side movement is much easier for hitters to square up than up/down movement is. As Boardmember said, more seams typically means more movement. Another point, and this is more true of the older ages who start to actually learn the art of hitting and the differences...
  11. Hillhouse

    Bullet spin, spin/ball release.

    2pitchmom, you are aware that changing your grip is not the solution to your problem right? When you PM'd me, I gave you my 2 cents, and others have done so here too. The grip is not going to fix the mechanical problem that is causing the bullet spin. That said, even when you're able...
  12. Hillhouse

    Bullet spin, spin/ball release.

    Nobody is pretending that pitchers don't miss with a rise, a drop, a change or anything else. Not sure where you got that from. All pitchers miss their spots, all pitchers throw fat pitches. I don't think it's smart to do that on purpose. And I realize this girls is 12u not 16, but...
  13. Hillhouse

    Bullet spin, spin/ball release.

    Operative word is "threw" a corkscrew 'fastball'. I don't know of many pitchers above 16 yrs old that throw a "FB" period. Especially one that is easy for the hitter to see it's rotation. Bullet spin doesn't move, it stays flat. I simply cannot fathom why anyone of any age would want...
  14. Hillhouse

    Lock it in drill

    I will advocate turning the hand out (ball to 3rd) if the pitcher has bullet spin caused by the palm and wrist curled.... then at the release, there is no snap, only a turn of the wrist creating bullet spin. I find that having them exaggerate the wrist outward helps them to uncurl the wrist...
  15. Hillhouse

    Lock it in drill

    I will have to go back through and read this more closely because I'm not sure I understand what people are saying. Are we talking about pointing the ball towards third base?

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