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  1. Hillhouse

    Best pitching velocity drills?

    Sounds like the problem is between her ears. The mental side is quite the paradox, it's both the most important part and the least covered part of a pitcher's training.
  2. Hillhouse

    Rick Pauly - Paulygirl Pitching Clinic Nov. 20-21

    For the record DrRiello, and to those reading this, clinics like this are not all that hard to arrange. The most difficult part of a clinic is finding the location. Now, 99% reading this probably think they have access to a school gym or something anytime they want it...... until you...
  3. Hillhouse

    Need help explaining need to switch to I/R to DD

    So, you want your kid on the juice? lolololol.
  4. Hillhouse

    FASA pitching Rules

    How would I teach someone? Easily, have them pitch with 1 foot on the rubber until they get comfortable with it. Ultimately, that's the bottom line: comfort. Like anything new it will take some time to get the timing right and comfort level to throw strikes but, once she does the...
  5. Hillhouse

    FASA pitching Rules

    Sadly, this isn't correct. Or at least I'm not reading it correctly. Either is possible. I'm not sure what you mean about "comfortable width apart". The actual difference is not having to start and keep both feet in contact with the rubber. One foot can start 1 inch, 3 inches...
  6. Hillhouse


    I didn't follow this question. You lost me.
  7. Hillhouse

    How long should it take?~

    The situation I was referring to was a single game. Otherwise, I'd agree... on a hot day when I have to pitch 3 games, yes, EVERY pitch counts. I didn't get the impression that was the situation.
  8. Hillhouse

    How long should it take?~

    an arguement can be made for working on things during a game where you are overmatching the opponent. I mean, why waste the game by just blitzing riseballs buy them when you can blitz other pitches and also work on things? Work on your worst pitch against the worst teams, especially if...
  9. Hillhouse

    FASA pitching Rules

    The STEP back provides more momentum and more power. NO question. But you can only do it in certain places not ALL places. The START back is accepted at all parks in all organizations. It's easier to learn this way and keep it going, vs. switching back and forth between start/step...
  10. Hillhouse

    How long should it take?~

    The hardest part about being a young pitcher is not the physical act of pitching. It's the mental side of it which is rarely talked about or developed. At a golf driving range, I can hit the ball long and straight. Put me on a golf course and I have no clue where it's going, so I end...
  11. Hillhouse

    USA softball pitching instruction (men's team) videos.

    I think it will absolutely be allowed as the game progresses. You cannot keep arming one side of the game (offense) with 2020 equipment but keep the pitching rules set for 1950. Crow hopping is the pitchers' way of trying to regain that edge/advantage that is what makes fastpitch great...
  12. Hillhouse

    Drag foot

    Your goal should be the least amount of foot on the ground as possible. In a perfect world, that would me your tip toe down like a ballerina with the shoelaces pointed at the catcher. However, we don't live in a perfect world so you can only strive for that. Try to get her off the side...
  13. Hillhouse

    USA softball pitching instruction (men's team) videos.

    Yea, just to restate it, this wasn't an endorsement of what Muizy was teaching in these videos, I just thought some of you guys may find it interesting. I don't know what his experience is in teaching pitching, I don't know how much he's broken down the pitching motion to be able to teach...
  14. Hillhouse


    Gtrips is right, this isn't about grips. If you think stepping out to the left so she can angle a ball inside can call it a "screwball" has anything to do with a grip, you're mistaken. There is an ongoing debate about the riseball. Does it go up or just drop less? Smart people on...
  15. Hillhouse


    This thread and it's name make me feel as if I've being electrocuted 19 times but I just won't die. :)

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