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    Is Slapping going to be a thing of the past?

    That is god given foot speed. I remember watching a video on youtube with that same girl when she was 10u. Her drop step and ladder drills are incredible.
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    Illegal pitch. Do you still get the base? USSSA/USA/HS

    After reading this I have a question for anyone who knows the correct answer. When there is an illegal pitch called and there is a runner on base, can that baserunner still steal on the pitch? If they steal on an illegal pitch, can they be thrown out by the catcher? If there is no chance of...
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    Hitting Really Fast Pitchers

    I 100% percent believe you that there are 12u girls throwing 59-60 mph consistently. We played the Birmingham Thunderbolts a couple of weeks ago, they have two girls on their 12u team throwing that hard. They gave us the worst beating we have had all year. They hit the ball very well in the game...
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    Dugout player spacing for games?

    We have played in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. There are a lot of guidelines that are sent via email before every tournament. There is no enforcement of any of the guidelines. We have been playing games since just before Memorial Day. We do not do anything different than the previous...
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    Leadoff bunt?

    This is how I like my leadoff batter to start the game. :D:cool: The best bunt ever!
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    Cursing and 14u

    If the coach would have singled someone out the situation would have bothered me. Seems like he was addressing the entire team. This situation would not have bothered me at all. Are you the only parent that complained about the situation?
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    How much running does you team do?

    We practice one time per week. No time for running at practice unless we are doing base running. Run on your time. We don't do any long distance running on our own time. 20-30 yard sprints are 95% of my dd running drills, 1-2 times per week.
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    Shameless brag

    Congrats. Chow has a very good team, hope your season goes well.
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    40% Code Wilson Outlet

    Well, that just cost me $234 Got a new A2k 1787 coming for the daughter. She has had an A2K 1787 since she was 8 years old. It was time to buy a new one for her since that glove is about 5 years old. Looks like I will have to work another Saturday.
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    GRIT~ be Willing to get hit by the ball.

    Good post. Defensively- I explain to the infielders that there is no reason to have poor footwork on ground balls because you are scared of the ball. A bad hop is going to hit you regardless if you used bad footwork, or good footwork. Might as well use proper footwork on every ground ball since...
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    Wristband Play Calling

    We use them for pitch calling and offense. For pitch calling the numbers change every inning, it would be difficult to pick our signs for pitching but not impossible. For offense, we have two different cards that can be used and players just have to follow the grid. We are a 12u team. I call a...
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    Advice for all the younger age groups: Stop playing so SLOW

    I will add. Coaches, have your courtesy runners ready to enter the game when needed. If I had a nickel for every time a coach asks for a courtesy runner and the player can't find her helmet. I would be able to retire earlier.
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    Bullet Spin

    No, I do not think that Garcia does not know how to pitch. I understand that it is very difficult to get true 6-12 spin on a riseball consistently. My daughter does not throw a riseball. When i was talking about bullet spin I was referring to dropballs, fastballs, drop curves etc. I am not a...
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    Bullet Spin

    Daughter is 12u. No, we never try to throw bullet spin on purpose.
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    Bullet Spin

    All I have to say is when my daughter throws a pitch that has bullet spin, the ball comes in very straight. Why would you want a ball to come in straight? Bullet spin does not seem like the ideal way to spin the ball if you want to be a good pitcher.

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