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    Seasons and Tourneys Cancelled?

    Our HC cancelled my DD's (13U) practice for this weekend. He said he's taking it week to week. First tourney isn't until April 17th, so hopefully there won't be any issues.
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    Seasons and Tourneys Cancelled?

    Last I heard our HS baseball and softball is still on, but only players, coaches, trainers, and parents allowed to attend
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    Tournaments have Started -- Seeing any Broken Bats?

    My trick: Be super friendly with the receptionist/shipping person at work and strangely I never have to pay for shipping. Plus, I'm the IT Manager, so people know to help me out.
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    What's the worst thing you had to give up/pass on for softball?

    I used to play SP softball, and then my DD started playing TB 4 years ago. Haven't played a game since. I finally sucked it up enough to sell 2 of my bats in the past couple months, but still holding out hope I'll need my other 3 one of these days 🤣🤣
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    FWIW we do have a better view from 20-30ft away :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    “You’ve come a long way, baby”

    Very interesting pitching motion...
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    For Sale - 32/22 DeMarini CFX $130

    Make me an offer and it'll ship out tomorrow!
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    Need Help White Pants

    Fels naptha bars is what works for my DD's white pants
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    My DD likes the Rawlings sunglasses
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    For Sale - 32/22 DeMarini CFX $130

    Let's get this gone. Keeps rolling around in the back of my car lol
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    Runner on 2nd signaling pitch location to batter

    I think with a number/color system it would take a little longer, since two or three different number combinations could mean the exact same thing. The app picking out the indicator is pretty huge, but you still have to hand jam the whole sequence in to get any useful data out of it.
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    Runner on 2nd signaling pitch location to batter

    It was Mark Rober and another guy. They did a YouTube video on it.

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