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    When to play music between innings?

    I agree with never. We were at a tourney this past summer and there was an 11U team on the field next to us who not only played walk up music in addition to music between innings, but also would announce each batter like they were at an MLB game. It got really annoying really quick...
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    is this believable

    I don't know why he didn't protest to be honest. Maybe he wasn't being that adamant about the player and HC being tossed. The parents on the other side thought we were being petty since they were beating us (we're a 13U team playing a very very good 14U team).
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    is this believable

    Oh I know they do, they've been doing this for quite a while. The umps said the UIC was on the way over and said they would deal with it when they got there and resumed play. I don't know if our HC didn't have the protest cash on him or what, but I know he was pretty heated about how it was handled.
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    is this believable

    We had the same issue last weekend. One of our AC's noticed the girl batting was using the blue Ghost in a USSSA tourney. Let her finish the AB and she hit a 2 RBI double. Called it to the attention of the PU and they stopped the clock to confer. Coach on the other team tried hiding the bat and...
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    Used bats

    I have a 31/20 Worth Legit I'd let go of for $40
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    Getting "happy feet" right before swing

    I built a hitting board using a 2x6 that's about 5 feet long with a couple 2x4's underneath it to get it up off the ground a little more. It helped with her focusing on staying balanced and it didn't give her a ton of room to move her feet around so eventually she corrected herself.
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    USSSA Pride leaves NPF

    I think what they need to do is what lacrosse has done this year. There are no home teams. The teams basically travel around every weekend and play in a different city for 3 or 4 months or however long the season is. Lacrosse even got itself a tv deal with NBC and that is a super niche sport...
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    IScore / Gamechanger / Presto Sports?

    You can email support at GC and make suggestions about features you would like or to ask questions. They've been very responsive. I work in the IT field, so I understand how important feedback can be and I try to give as much as I can and keep an open dialogue with them. I know if there's a...
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    Demarini CF8 Drop 11

    My DD loved her -11 CF8, really liked her -11 CFX, and really likes her -10 CFX. Her Prism is her gamer though. If DeMarini came out and said "here's a CF8 with a new paint job", people would be throwing their money at them. But the new tech is "better" right?
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    Thoughts on Split Locations for Tournaments

    I don't mind the split locations, sometimes it's necessary when there are a ton of teams. Usually they keep the age groups together on the same fields though so it's not a huge deal. The one thing that's important is don't have crazy rules like no coolers or anything. Also, gate fees seem to be...
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    Fall Tournaments, Northern States

    They're all filling up pretty quick, but up here in Michigan there's a Batbusters Pumpkin Buster tourney that always has a good turnout. My DD's 13U team is signed up for it. Edit: This is a USSSA tourney
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    Demarini CF8 Drop 11

    They have them NIW on ebay if you have $500 burning a hole in your pocket :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    WTS Rawlings Liberty Advanced 12” RLA120

    Great glove, my DD has been using one for 3 years and it's holding up very well.
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    is it really necessary?

    Every org we've played with has had the standard player package with helmet, bag, belt(s), socks, hoody, practice jersey, jerseys, and pants.
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    Does this smell funny?

    I don't know what significance the first paragraph has past where it says she grew up. Does it really matter what age she was when she started playing softball and what level she played in 12U?

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