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  1. efastball

    Best Timing Drills

    Most kids don't begin their stride until the ball is halfway and they think it's a strike. Make sure you randomly hold the ball in the cage, and make sure everyone is moving when you make your move to throw the ball.
  2. efastball

    Bat wrapping at load

    heh When I responded, I didn't read any posts on this thread except the OP's. I still love ya baby. :D
  3. efastball

    Bat wrapping at load

    Look at pic on post 7. She's not bat wrapping. She looks nice at toe touch. She goes wrong just after - she throws the hands away from her body away from the pitcher. After toe touch, her hands should stay near her shoulder as she rotates through to hip slot (elbow at hip).
  4. efastball

    Diagnosing hitting flaws please and how to fix

    "I can’t put my finger on " Put your finger on the red line. That's the cause of most of her troubles. The rear forearm should be green/flat/level at toe touch.
  5. efastball

    Seeing the Ball

    I used to waste lots of time and energy doing things like this. Little foam balls, plastic golf balls, eye exams, all that. Two things help: 1. see lots of pitches - machines cranked a few mph faster that they would normally see. Just a few, not 10-20. Also as many curveballs as you can. 2...
  6. efastball

    Radar guns

    Here is my experience with Bushnells many years ago. Only get a Bushnell from a local store. I had to return 2 of them. They work well most of the time. I had to use only Coppertop batteries. No-name batteries would show crazy readings - 200 mph or 10 mph. If you store this thing in the...
  7. efastball

    Tanner, 10

    Here are some simple things that I would do as a general rule for new hitters. TEE Set the tee up where you expect to hit the ball. Where is that? It's after stride, with back elbow near the hip and arms extended, and bat an inch ahead of the hands. Where does that end up? Set the tee...
  8. efastball

    Does anyone have experience using the Power Drive?

    If a training aid needs a bunch of paid endorsements, it usually isn't any good. Most training aids aren't very useful. For this purpose it may be just as good to measure your stride length. Two giant steps is your height.
  9. efastball

    How to be most efficient with little practice at 8U level?

    On the field, only do defense and baserunning. Only do hitting in cages, or off field. Only. Baserunning: - mark a line 10 feet past the base, and have them run to the line every single tim. Make them do this in games also. - when they run through home, make sure they run through and touch...
  10. efastball

    10yo DD swing eval

    99% of MLB hitters have a stride. OP, go with the odds. Her no-stride is not working at the moment. Whoever told her to kill her stride - failed. She needs to learn to coil inward properly as she moves/strides forward. Her swing needs some serious, immediate work. Time is her enemy. How...
  11. efastball

    Looking to get DD a new bat.

    What makes you think it's too heavy. A 10 yo should be able to swing a 21 oz bat. Is it the bat? Or is it her technique? Spend the $$$ in the right place.
  12. efastball


    Here he is at 1:56 demoing how you cant cover the plate if you stand up. I gave you the math. His premise is nonsense. Here he is proving the opposite of his premise - showing you dont need to 'cast'. His back elbow is next to his torso and the bat is 10 inches beyond the plate. Work with...
  13. efastball

    Not all swings are the same

    Bat drag causes a loss of early bat speed, plus it causes the bat head not to get ahead of the hands as early as it could. So, it is not optimal. For 99% of hitters with bat drag, they turn their torso (use their body), and drop their elbow (significant leverage), without significantly moving...
  14. efastball


    I'm sorry but that's nonsense. You don't need to tilt 'in order to cover the plate'. Anyone can reach the outside part of the plate even if they are standing straight up. The elbow is tucked near the hip at contact. The hip isn't part of the bending over/tilt process. The bat is 32-34"...
  15. efastball

    Not all swings are the same

    2013 homer 2017 homer 2018 homer His rear forearm is flat/horizontal at toe touch just like every MLB hitter. And the bat head is in the typical position/angle. I gave up on the hands/elbow position theory in early 2015, when I discovered the rear forearm theory. He does have some bat...

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