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    The title race is heating up

    Need a poll of how many know who RC was? I am thinking that the demographics here are trending against better than 15% name recognition.
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    Best summer showcase or tournament mid-Atlantic?

    Unless you are looking at just having a nice softball/family weekend, I believe the thinking is backwards. Players zhould be combing the internet to find schools of interest and fit (level of play, academic fit, geographic match, campus life etc). Getting these target schools is the biggest...
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    Colleges/Universities with high academic standards (engineering)

    Best thing (IMO) is to find a few schools near to you that you think DD is capable of achieving admission to and academically suceeding. Try to be expansive, meaning pick a school that is competetive in softball within their conference. Go to softball games and see if you and DD could see...
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    How did VT every become #3?

    I admit to living under a rock. What is double sided tape do?
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    How do you handle another parent trashing your DD?

    Always can count on a few of those at a weekend outing. Stay classy, Hittin' Kittens!
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    Pushing the envelope for leaving early

    "What if both teams leave early and no advantage is gained? It can't be cheating by definition." Glad you are not a Supreme Court Justice. The "Everybody Else is Doing it" defense. Leaving early is against the rules. Therefore leaving early is breaking the rules. Therefore cheating. Seems rather...
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    IR Pitching Instructors in Southern NJ / Philadelphia PA Region

    HEy Joe! Good to hear things are going well for DD. Look forward to following her this spring!
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    IR Pitching Instructors in Southern NJ / Philadelphia PA Region

    DD started with Jen as an eighth grade when Jen was still with ST Joe U. right through HS. She served as a terrific mentor and role model. And if you look her up, she knows her stuff!
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    Riseball - ball rotation axis

    Mike, Good to see you post! Hope you and yours have been well, and look forward to seeing you chime in from time to time!
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    "throw that drop on command" This sums up being a pitcher, whatever pitches they have, eventually that is the goal. Remember it is a process. She is 12. Riseball posted a great story of his DD doing warmups as an SEC pitcher and he was so impressed that she kept hitting a knot tied in a dangling...
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    Riseball - ball rotation axis

    Great Bump, I learn something new every time going thru these old threads. Sometimes makes me wish I had 3 more DD to "help" become pitchers. [just sometimes tho.. :)]
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    When to begin to be concerned about college showcases

    PBear, If I misunderstood you, I apologize. Just wanted to make sure players did not make seem error our family did based on information we gathered. The high academic schools are a tough nut to crack and it helps to work every advantage your player/student has in her favor.
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    When to begin to be concerned about college showcases

    "typically IVY league schools won't talk serious with prospects until their SR year to make sure they have the grades to get in first" This is misleading and my DD fell for this misinformation. She did not attend UPenn camp until late fall of Jr year. Her (our) thinking was that it allowed for...
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    Ideal height for pitchers?

    Coaches are people. People have biases. Some coaches favor (or disfavor) certain body types (tall, "thick" etc) or potential majors or personality types. Best advice to give to your DD is hard work and persistance (this is usually good advice for most of life :)
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    Showcase Rant

    Been there, done that, only slightly sad its over.

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