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    PGF nationals

    "She lost a game to a local Catholic school 1-0. In that game, she allowed one hit to the opposing pitcher, who that day, at least, found her control. It was surprising to me because I've seen the opposing pitcher walk 12 girls, hit five, and throw four wild pitches in the same game, and she's a...
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    PGF nationals

    Watched her play a local prep school via livestream. Was a tight game. DD played the prep school so i was familiar with some of their players. From the hype, I expected a lopsided game. think it was 1-2, Bordi lost. Going to try to catch a few of her games this spring HS season. Surely wont see...
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    Conference realignments

    "My dd almost made the mistake of playing for a school with a coach that sounded similar to this. I’m glad that dd went to a few of their camps because she was able to pick up on subtle things like how some of the players didn’t seem happy, and how the coach interacted with them and the...
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    Better Competition

    "Almost all P5 pitchers are on full rides.. or a better statement would be they are zero out of pocket." BT, If pitchers absorb say 4 scholarships, say at least a catcher goes full, as well as say another top talent in the field, that does not leave alot to spread among the other 20 players on...
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    Eyes Up (must watch)

    So then not so much the free speech provision.
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    Mike White 1992

    What pitch does his grip indicate, Bill?
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    Fouts pitching out of her glove.

    My DD switched to out of the glove after her HS 2020 season was killed by covid. Her claim was that she "felt" that her motion was accelerated. Did she pick up pitch velocity?...yes. But how much was that as opposed to strength/speed (run) training, growth and more practice? Who is to say. She...
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    The title race is heating up

    Need a poll of how many know who RC was? I am thinking that the demographics here are trending against better than 15% name recognition.
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    Best summer showcase or tournament mid-Atlantic?

    Unless you are looking at just having a nice softball/family weekend, I believe the thinking is backwards. Players zhould be combing the internet to find schools of interest and fit (level of play, academic fit, geographic match, campus life etc). Getting these target schools is the biggest...
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    Colleges/Universities with high academic standards (engineering)

    Best thing (IMO) is to find a few schools near to you that you think DD is capable of achieving admission to and academically suceeding. Try to be expansive, meaning pick a school that is competetive in softball within their conference. Go to softball games and see if you and DD could see...
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    How did VT every become #3?

    I admit to living under a rock. What is double sided tape do?
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    How do you handle another parent trashing your DD?

    Always can count on a few of those at a weekend outing. Stay classy, Hittin' Kittens!
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    Pushing the envelope for leaving early

    "What if both teams leave early and no advantage is gained? It can't be cheating by definition." Glad you are not a Supreme Court Justice. The "Everybody Else is Doing it" defense. Leaving early is against the rules. Therefore leaving early is breaking the rules. Therefore cheating. Seems rather...
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    IR Pitching Instructors in Southern NJ / Philadelphia PA Region

    HEy Joe! Good to hear things are going well for DD. Look forward to following her this spring!
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    IR Pitching Instructors in Southern NJ / Philadelphia PA Region

    DD started with Jen as an eighth grade when Jen was still with ST Joe U. right through HS. She served as a terrific mentor and role model. And if you look her up, she knows her stuff!

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