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  1. CoachYodaD


    Just read this. To: USSSA Membership Subject: Notice of New USSSA Mandatory Health & Safety Procedures Due to concerns surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and in accordance with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and other...
  2. CoachYodaD

    Crow hop vs step behind

    I agree with Chris. I have my outfielders do both, but it is situational dependent. Momentum in your throw from the outfield is paramount for many obvious reasons. A ball in the air, we use a slide-step(behind or in front) hop and a ball on the ground, we use the crow-hop. My theory is that...
  3. CoachYodaD

    Houston Astros and the limits of sign stealing

    Sometimes I help the opposition steal my signs. When little Sally missed the bunt sign twice in her last at-bat and she has not recognized it again this at-bat, I slow down the sign and yell to her, "Bunt". She does it then. Usually with success, so I often wonder why I bother with signs. My...
  4. CoachYodaD

    Hitting during practice

    Live on Five. Set your players into 3 teams of four. One team hits, the other two are in the field on defense. Each team has exactly five minutes to score as many runs as possible. Puts faster than game like pressure on the teams, - Emphasizes hustle and making plays. - Emphasizes...
  5. CoachYodaD

    Pitchers...day after a game

    Great Question. We talk about the game. Recap successes and failures. We do a "light day" which is more cardio/core. If we throw, we work on spins for pitches we missed the most. No more than 25-30.
  6. CoachYodaD

    OTF HR. Coach hugs baserunner

    Sometimes, the best solution is to avoid a situation that can be misconstrued. Hence the implied proceedure of the offensive team not entering the field of play until the batter touches home plate to celebrate.
  7. CoachYodaD

    OTF HR. Coach hugs baserunner

    My question is this: Why does the coach have to congratulate the player prior to her being called safe? Example of what I mean is: B1 hits an easy single and is on her way to first base, as she passes the first base coach, he/she extends a hand for a simple passby touch (low five) before she...
  8. CoachYodaD

    What makes you lose your mind?

    There is so much wrong with this. Hard to begin. Please, for the love of all that is holy in softball, do not teach this to other people.
  9. CoachYodaD

    Situations/ Relays/ preventing extra bases

    Hope this helps, So you practice double plays from both sides of second base. Easy, and every coach works on this. Why not work on off second double plays? To start with, simple fungo situational hitting for infield and outfield work. If I hit an infield ball, it must go through the first...
  10. CoachYodaD

    The flute player

    8U infractions should have 8U consequences. 16U infractions should have 16U consequences. Make sure your consequences are age appropriate.
  11. CoachYodaD

    Taking the sign

    I think I understand the rule, in that, it is to prevent a "walk through" motion by forcing momentum to come to a complete stop once engaged with the rubber. This also allows the batter to get "set" to receive the pitch. I teach my pitchers to, once the pivot foot is on the rubber, look at her...
  12. CoachYodaD

    My DD feels bad for a girl on her college team

    What is wrong with being a role player. This freshman may end up leading the league in stolen bases, or may be the pinch runner when the team really needs a squeeze play executed. The girl is a freshman. She has 4 years to develop into something outstanding. The hard part is over, she is...
  13. CoachYodaD

    Not enough coaches: JV and varsity practice together?

    Can you stagger practices? I was in a similar situation a few years back. I scheduled practice so I had smaller groups. I always did JV practice first and Varsity after. Varsity went second because most of them could drive, and most were better at taking care of homework and stuff. Also...
  14. CoachYodaD


    Runs are paramount to a successful game. Stealing is a great tool. What I teach: Runner is in a Track Running Starter Position, with the bag used similar to a track starting block. Low, with left foot on the outer edge of the bag, right foot off to the back side. (Never behind the bag). I do...

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