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  1. admin

    Mods, Administrator, Ken??

    I noticed the deleted post as well, which is what I would have done, not sure what happened to the thread though, sorry.
  2. admin

    How to change posts per page

    Nope, not with Xenforo it seems. However, let me look for a plugin that can fix the issue and give it back as an option, stay tuned...
  3. admin

    New Software Error Report Thread!

    Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I certainly don't expect folks to just jump in and say I love it. I still hate the new Microsoft Office, I liked the old version so much better. However, I get why it had to change. Well, 55% of folks are on phones. Not me, but the rest are. I am a...
  4. admin

    New Software Error Report Thread!

    https://www.discussfastpitch.com/account/security Make sure it is disabled here if it is let me know, So far All 2 step settings are disabled other than that. THX
  5. admin

    New Software Error Report Thread!

    Yep, I will change that later this evening... agreed.
  6. admin

    New Software Error Report Thread!

    HUH, odd one... sent you a MSG, I will look into what may cause this. See if others report it. Does it give any specific error when it fails?
  7. admin

    New Software Error Report Thread!

    So, most may need to clear cache, but I cleaned up some of the paddings basically all over the site to tighten things up :) I like it better for sure.
  8. admin

    New Software Error Report Thread!

    What's New is yes your new posts. However look at the photo, click either of those and you get all New Posts... Hope that helps some.
  9. admin

    Now we delete posts?

    I deleted it and will again (if that offends and you must leave I get it, but we have to keep a clear train of thought here so that we can make some good changes to the new place), sorry if that is an issue. This forum was not set up for every person here to post what they don't like. Use the...
  10. admin

    Introduce Yourself Here....

    Welcome to Discussfastpitch.com. Please be sure to post a little about yourself and why you came by. Please also read the rules of the Community here. https://www.discussfastpitch.com/threads/forum-rules-and-guidelines.12/
  11. admin

    New Software Error Report Thread!

    OK folks, so it's live. Please be patient as we work thru any issues we missed. REPORT those issues here, you can also send me a PM (or now they are called Conversations) Please post an image of the issue, URL, any specific info you have would be great. Thanks in advance!
  12. admin

    New Software...

    Hey Folks, Been lurking here plenty last few weeks. Waiting for this mess of a server move to end. Just a heads up finally ready to change software. The plan is to do it this coming Sunday. The initial conversion went great, I think folks will first find it mostly the same and a bit cleaner...
  13. admin

    ANNOUNCEMENT: New owner for DiscussFastpitch.com

    Secret site? What is that... I did find the problem with all of those missing animated photos, etc as I went through to look at cleaning the stickies of dead material. https://www.discussfastpitch.com/softball-hitting-technical/2785-model-swings-2.html#post27984 I will have web guy write a...
  14. admin

    ANNOUNCEMENT: New owner for DiscussFastpitch.com

    This is a good list. Weekly newsletters work great. Kinda keep the site out there for folks that have not been here in some time. They are not for ads, of course, just a simple 10 top threads for the week type deal. many of the old videos mentioned did die with an old Nokia system that was...
  15. admin

    ANNOUNCEMENT: New owner for DiscussFastpitch.com

    The stats have declined steadily for some time. I don't see those increases really in the stats, nothing significant. However, if there were scamming ads and such popping up I bet the stats did suffer during that time. Not sure what type of ads he ran but that should not be an issue at all...

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