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  • I instruct L&D and IR. I instruct out of Friendswood and League City. Personally I don't know any other PC's that teach what I teach. The ones I get from other PC's I usually have to break down and work out the push down pull up and slam the hips shut.

    My DD, had already finished college and now is a high school coach in Florida.

    If you have anyone interested my e-mail is jokeller@millenicom.com.
    I have several pitchers in the Bay Area organization.

    I noticed from another thread you are from South Houston, Galveston County. I'm from Friendswood. I teach my daughter (10U) to pitch. I switched her from push pull method back in December to Internal Rotation from learning on this board. We have made great progress in the past 3 months. It makes me sick seeing all the kids that get taught push pull and slam the door. I'm looking for pitching coaches in the area not necessarily for my DD, but for others that want to pitch or need to switch pitching coaches. I want to refer them to someone who will instructs correct L&D and Internal Rotation. Do you know any instructor in the area that teaches this? Do you instruct now? Where are you located? How old is your DD, and what team does she play for? My DD plays for and I'm the head coach of the Bay Area Blitz 01.

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