And just like that....DD is **COMMITTED**

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Apr 25, 2019
And just like that my DD is committed. I'm not even sure what to do without the stress and all. No more camps (except for ones to show face with coaches and other commits). DD will be able to have pressure-free fun at her team's showcases. It all happened so I truly feel like she found the right fit. The HC has been a fan of my DD for a while now. We committed a little sooner than we would have thought. My DD had a plan to do it after this weekend's football game but a flurry of commits from one travel team had us nervous to wait. She also had a call with admissions to talk about their Honors program scheduled for later in the week and that was going to check the final box for us. But we did it!! #SMTTT

I also want to thank all the helpful folks on here. There is a ton of great information here and I am lucky that I found it early. It all helped me anticipate what this all looked like and what we needed to be doing as parents.
Dec 2, 2013
Congrats! That's how it happens. Boom! Just like that. I saw a handful of kids committing to that school on X. DD's TB coach's DD played there back in the middle 2000's and so did one of her asst TB coaches ('09-'12) for 16U and last year 18U. Now the real hard work starts!!!


Ex "Expert"
Feb 25, 2009
Congratulations. I don't want to be the negative person in this thread but keep in mind that nothing is truly settled until her name is on a NLI.

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