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Thread: Mizuno Demos

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    DD started swinging her new PowerCarbon (32/21) this weekend. (Thank you Core!!!!)

    Bottom line = WOW!

    I wish I had the equipment (and time) for measuring exit velocities, but this is a low-tech review.

    DD was using a 31/20 Easton FS1 CXN Zero last year, and outgrew it (probably a while ago, but she was comfortable with it so I did not push). Then we borrowed a Demarini CFS (32/21), and DD was happy feeling the pop of a higher end bat.

    Enter in the new F19 PC, and she seems to be crushing it. I even took out the adrenaline factor of a new bat and the first few swings by waiting until the second bucket of the second day to judge the results, which seem to confirm that this bat has what it takes to compete against all of the other top brands. (posted a video in the hitting technical forum).

    We'll see how it goes for distance when we get out to an open field, but tee work looks great. Evals this weekend, so hope to get out and see some live hits. And hoping it lasts as long as the FS1 did!

    I guess the other bottom line, the one that I actually care about, is that there were extensive smiles after each hit, and this after having to nudge her into continuing to play this year.

    Soooooo worth the money already!

    Thank you, again, Core. And also Coach James for posting the exit vel data at the beginning of this thread!! That really grabbed my attention on these bats, helped sell it for me as an engineer.

    Now, if I could just get her to break in her new glove...

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    Very welcome Dale, and thank you as well.

    I was one of the biggest critics of Mizuno for past decisions and they had to prove themselves and their bats again (self inflicted). Its a mistake if people
    just dismiss the Mizuno line anymore. As good as any bat made and may even be better for some hitters.
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    My daughter used her new Mizuno PC 31/21 this weekend in a 3 game friendly in the LA area. She batted .500 this weekend with it.... she ripped a hard ground ball to SS who didn't have time to react and went under her glove, but I ruled it a error on SS so average could have been a tad bit higher depending on who is scoring the game. The bat probably has less then 150 hits as it only been used by her coach to hit balls at practice.

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    Okay, I should have done this a long time ago....

    We had Cores batch of 33” demos, all were -10. I had numerous players swing them, all the way from an eighth grader to a college junior. The main limitation to scientific testing was that very few of the players swung 33/23 bats so it was difficult to compare apples to apples. Therefore this review isn’t as thorough as I would like it to be.

    Players that swung them already had LXT, Ghost, Cf and Rawlings Pro in their bags.

    I found out that someone else was also circulating a group of demo bats in my area and one of my players had already swung them. She picked up the Ti at my place. I was surprised Ti didn’t find any other admirerers.

    I found this out for sure: players can be really loyal to whatever bat they are used to swinging. Some kids really were not all that interested in trying different bats.

    My dd prefers a heavier feel. She swings a 33/25 Ghost. She matched exit speeds with a 33/23 Power Carbon. She needed a dual stamp bat. I ordered a 33/24 from Core and she put minimal swings on it and she again matched her same exit speed. That bat is only going to get better and I will not be surprised if she ends up liking it better in the long run.

    Dd’s Best exit speed was with Carbon2. In front toss she preferred the Power Carbon. Here is the rub, because the bat has such a light swing weight, she wasn’t squaring the ball up as well. I think the bat was providing her with feedback to that effect. We might revisit the Carbon2 if/when more weights become available. That bat has the potential to hit balls very, very far. It also has potential for “training effect” in that it will give you feedback on mishits. Some players back in the days of one piece bats liked and benefited from that.

    Had another player that swings LXT and preferred Power Carbon. Had 4ish mph improvement on exit speed. She converted to PC, played last weekend and hit the ball very hard in a dome tournament. Her LXT is now her backup bat.

    We did not experience the occasional high exit speeds with the Ti.

    No player experienced lower exit speeds with either PC or Carbon2 than their regular bat.

    All our testing was done in a cage. When we can get back on a field I am really looking forward to more “real world” results. The Mizuno lineup is really good though, and I think it is very likely the best dual stamp bat out there. If it isn’t better than Ghost it is neck and neck with it.
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    Pulled the trigger an ordered a 34/25 Power Carbon from Core yesterday. DD has swung a Xeno in the past (and still in cold temps) and most recently a 34/24 ASA Ghost. She will be playing in more USSSA tournaments this year so we wanted to move to something that was dual stamped.

    Looking forward to seeing how she likes the new lumber. Thanks Core!

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