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Recent content by tonya_leigh73

  1. tonya_leigh73

    Is Slapping going to be a thing of the past?

    My daughter's college team is currently full of slappers, I think it will be around awhile
  2. tonya_leigh73

    *POLL* left team because

    Daughter left 1 team/org . The reason was the head games, blatent biases, & crushing self esteem. The last straw was when coach yelled in my daughter's face during a game she was pitching (her timing was off for certain pitch he called that day, so she shook him off ")..He flipped out...
  3. tonya_leigh73

    Is Slapping going to be a thing of the past?

    My daughter's college team is heavy with slappers...
  4. tonya_leigh73

    Help understanding the mentality of 10/12u tryouts

    Not being asked back on a 9u team was the best thing ( & most hurtful )that happened to my daughter that yr. It motivated her to prove them wrong. She more than proved it. She is currently a D1 college freshman this yr. I often wonder what would of happened if she never got cut..
  5. tonya_leigh73

    NCAA Covid Automatic Waiver

    My daughter is a D1 freshman so the Eligibility Center /waiver is foreign to me. Can someone please explain in layman's terms what this means?
  6. tonya_leigh73

    What would you do if you feared a travel coach could sabotage DD's chances of playing DI or even DII?

    If your coach is that much of a jerk to purposely sabotage a child's future, it is probably all ready known in the college coach circuit what kind of person that coach is. The sabotaging coach's word doesn't mean to much..
  7. tonya_leigh73

    Pitching Instructor

    Trent Rubley in Davenport ..
  8. tonya_leigh73

    Should she accept first offer?

    This recruiting process feels so much like musical chairs! My sophomore Pitcher daughter will be going on visit and getting her first offer in a couple of weeks. She has been on a few other unofficial's with some coach calls, to other schools with "offers to offer later on", which really...
  9. tonya_leigh73

    OnDeck, Fastpitch Recruits, Captain U, NCSA, Game Day, Headfirst, Riseball - HELP

    I like the ease of acess to NCSA, especially in regards when emailing coaches to give showcase tournament schedule. You can see when the coach has read it or viewed your profile. It's also nice to reach out to coaches that have shown interest in following you, that you wouldn't had known...
  10. tonya_leigh73

    How far does everybody travel for practices with their travel team?

    30 min hitting, 1hr pitching, 1.25hr for team. 1.5 to 7 hrs for tournaments..lots of miles...
  11. tonya_leigh73

    Random Ideas on how to spend time out of town at a rained-out tourney?

    Tour a museum, go shopping, bowling, pedicures, movies, family board games are a few we enjoy.
  12. tonya_leigh73

    To join showcase team or not?

    Update : Daughter guest played with the Club/showcase team this weekend (it was a perfect fit!) and she decided to take a leap of faith and joined! We are so excited and honored, for this great opportunity! :D Thanks all for all the insight and advice !
  13. tonya_leigh73

    Too late for class of 2020

    following this thread....
  14. tonya_leigh73

    For the love of Friday Check in 3/11/16

    Indoor PGF 18U Tournament on Sunday..(Last one :( of the season)..regular pitching lessons this morning for DD and maybe time in the cage this afternoon

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