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Recent content by justAdad2

  1. J

    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    I pulled my DD from rec for several reasons. 1) driving an hour in traffic to a game to face a team who doesn't have a pitcher who even practices and it turns into dad pitch. 2) my DD practiced all the time pitching and hitting. the rest of her team doesn't but parents want their kids pitching...
  2. J

    USA Softball All American Games

    you must be talking about youth softball all american games. USA softball all american games costed us $130 i think? it was dirt cheap for what she got. hotels and food added up but was separate from the org
  3. J

    HS season starting for most areas..how long till???

    DD has tryouts in 2 weeks (first year in high school) we are not worried, she has been practicing and playing indoors all winter. we are more interested in where she ends up and what position. we are looking at high school more as rec, its just something fun for her to do after school.
  4. J

    My DD has a swollen ankle and a tournament in a week

    tell her to use arnika gel, its an over the counter item. i had many injuries when i played hockey and was my got to remedy. my DD uses it after practices if something is bothering her.
  5. J

    Travel woes: Large SUV or conversion van

    F150 crew cab here. i have the 3.5L engine so the gas mileage is fairly good. no complaints at all fits kids and gear with room to spare
  6. J

    Regressing with practice

    my DD has nightmare practices were i think she needs to call it quits with pitching. then goes to a game and mows down batters. i think this is just how it is.
  7. J

    Pitchers Personalities

    DD is 13, i am still trying to figure her out. she pitches her best when she is dancing, laughing and having fun in the circle. she fights to win but seems to have a good time doing it. she also brushes off loses and walks. she plays her best when she is just relaxed having fun and her teams...
  8. J

    How much practice is too much?

    if the 100-150 pitches mean full pitches from the mound then yes your doing to much. if those numbers include mostly drills thats about what my dd does each practice. my dd has been pitching for 6 yrs now also 13. its important the get a days rest after pitching and work on something different...
  9. J

    Book - mental toughness or other softball related favorites?

    Mind Gym is a must read for any athlete
  10. J

    The appeal of a "non-parent" coach

    i have had to deal with a group of dads controlling the whole town org and it was a mess for girls with talent who just quit. their daughters were pitchers, and the whole infield. if you were lucky your kid might get 1 inning pitching and a little outfield. lots of talented girls quit softball...
  11. J

    USA Softball All American Games

    My DD played in it this year. we had a great time wish they did it for 14u we would go every year. the competition was better than i expected, those girls from all the different teams played their hearts out. good luck hopefully your daughter gets selected.
  12. J


    class C is pretty much town travel teams, just find another team who needs a pitcher. i would move on. it sounds like the coaches don't understand they are playing in class C. My DD ran into this in 10U and we ran like hell. she wasn't good enough to pitch or play infield. she has been a...
  13. J

    Bat size

    my DD is 5'6" 112lbs age 13 swings a 32" 22oz drop 10 bat. her coach thinks she should be swinging a 33" bat.
  14. J

    14u help please video

    looks like she is pushing the ball and lifting her shoulder up. my DD does this sometimes too, also 13. drills and more drills is the only thing that helps my DD. she looks very stiff and should be loose and relaxed. good luck
  15. J

    Which radar system for softball pitching in the back yard?

    we have been using the ball for close to a year now, no problems yet. you get the premium features free for 30 or 60 days which was great and told us a lot but she was 12 at the time and we were more interested in mechanics and speed now that we will be working on spins more this winter i will...