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Recent content by javasource

  1. javasource

    Drive Mechanics

    What is power from loading... Versus... inefficient movement? What is movement if it is timed poorly? What happens when we lack recruitment (as jryan suggests) in an optimal way? These are all questions that each have different answers for... depending on the athlete you work with. Each...
  2. javasource

    crow hop fix/help

    Young MC, I do not think the hitch and a grab are the same thing, Bill. A hitch is something that happens when bone on bone happens in the shoulder. A grab is something that happens when the crowhopper leverages the rear leg (second push). I also do not think that speeding the circle up does...
  3. javasource

    crow hop fix/help

    Bill, You know my respect for you is through the roof... so when I say this... please hear this as merely conversational... that correction you mention, I've heard for years and years... from people that were pitching/coaching before you and I were pulling on our daddy's pant leg... and...
  4. javasource

    crow hop fix/help

    Getting open has caused more issues than it has solved... although we all know it doesn't cause blindness... when we use it as an instruction it destroys posture and can lead to crow hopping
  5. javasource

    crow hop fix/help

    first off I compliment them... letting them know that most girls struggle pushing one time but they are successful pushing twice. I let them know that this is a strength of theirs but under the rules it's illegal... and unfortunately has become less efficient. I tell them there is a way to do...
  6. javasource

    crow hop fix/help

    Not to be argumentative, but if it's a crowhop... it's entirely a problem with legs, and their orientation... in relationship to the body. Fixing the crowhop in other ways typically results in insanity. The hitch Bill speaks of is a result, not a cause of the crowhop. I hate being...
  7. javasource

    Drive Mechanics

    I did. Although I don't entirely agree with some aspects, there's no doubt a great deal of research and effort applied your way - and we all appreciate that. I have the opportunity to work with countless young athletes every year - and there are plenty of girls that overcome what you describe...
  8. javasource

    Drive Mechanics

    Jryan, You were very much in my thoughts (well, B was...) when I put this together. And although I love your illustration above... some kids (and I know you know this better than most) simply cannot overcome the negative position of the hips... in relation to the knee & shoulders. As such, we...
  9. javasource

    requested update

    Magnificent. Hopefully, you got some video... great to have reference of progress... compare it to the last game of the year.
  10. javasource

    Rich balswich pitching video

    Believe it or not... that was her Skills video...
  11. javasource

    DFP Instructor List

    You've been downgraded to pewter. ;)
  12. javasource

    DFP Instructor List

    So... yeah... we (Fastpitch Foundations) will be offering certification. As per many of Bill's concerns... we won't be handing out paper certifications. Those that decide this is for them will: Need to take all of our courses Need to pass all of our online examinations Be certified at...
  13. javasource

    Avulsion fracture in pelvis

    Not sure I know how to answer this... wasn't aware that getting open eliminates H/E... I always thought it made it worse. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's the main building block of H/E. (Not my words... that author shall remain anonymous...) Right... you guys went to Bill... I totally...
  14. javasource

    Working on 12-6 spin. Any drills?

    Some really good stuff in that series, Ken.

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