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Recent content by b3player

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    New from Louisiana

    You are now officially Ceaux-ch James.
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    New from Louisiana

    Depends. Do you eat crawfish and drink beer? If so your in.
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    New from Louisiana

    Louisiana here as well. Lafayette area. Welcome to the group. Much of my daughters success can be attributed to things I've learned here.
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    Just what the doctor ordered!

    That’s awesome. Perfect early Christmas present for her.
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    Just what the doctor ordered!

    So last week was extremely rough for 13yo DD. She got the dreaded "lets just be friends" speech from the boy she had been talking to, and was experiencing her first heartbreak. She attended a showcase camp at Mcneese State University on Friday, and was really struggling. Then this happened. She...
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    Advise, Sugestions?

    RD, not sure if there is a thought behind the grip setup. She's always been told to keep the bat in the fingers, maybe that's her way of getting it there. I'll try to get some front toss video up sometime in the near future. Looks like we'll be dealing with tropical storm Cindy for a few days...
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    Advise, Sugestions?

    13 yr dd is not the most athletically gifted, but she definitely works hard. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and suggestions on what we need to work on. https://youtu.be/rS3nnQgIH3w
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    Looking for Advice

    Hey everyone! First post, but I've been reading the forum for a while now, and have learned allot thanks to all of the awesome members. I'm looking for some advice for my 12 year old DD. As with most, she was initially taught HE. We've been working on converting her to IR. One problem that I...

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