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#2,734 this is a good post, puts a lot of the big-hatting (which is why these conversations go around and around for literal decades and never get anywhere) into context....most everyone missed what you were getting at but I appreciated it, FWIW :)
I would like to order 2 custom fastpitch gloves ASAP so we can get them broken in with the delayed start to the season if you can help please get ahold of me on here or call 815-343-0467 thanks Charlie
Do you sell Marucci baseball gloves? Wondering about the cypress and founders series, 12 in. for softball. Looking for closed web. DD is a pitcher. Never held a Marucci glove.
I've purchased Easton bats from you before... but do you carry DeMarini? I'm looking for a -11 for my 10 year old. Have had great luck with the -11 DeMarinis... thanks.
No sir, up to you, but drop11 Power Carbons I have.
Wilson got rid of many of their middle class stores so people to force more people to pay retail to their big stores
trying to get you cell so I can text you or maybe call and talk, Even though I was never in Texas I like Texas
A big welcome from Canada.

I've got three daughters playing. We've been working on using the lower body more, with the bat resting on their trapezius as long as possible. Videos I found of your swing are very helpful to get their buy in :)

Take care.

I think when im able to rest it on my trap, it makes it easier to be short to the ball and use my lower half more. when yo start facing faster pitching im able to be on time easier and quicker to the ball and still be able to maximize using my lower half! thank you for your response.
I totally agree. Keeps the hands close to the body as well. I think it's a great swing approach.


What are the acceptable video formats for posting? I cannot get MP4 or MOV to work.

Thank you!
Hope this lead helps......she picked up on the "IR" methods about 3 years ago after attending one of my clinics in Indiana.....made the switch and has had a lot of success. Hayley Yourous:


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