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Youth fitness, repost

Aug 2, 2008
Is youth fitness a problem?


They say that 1 young american out 4 is overweight. We all know that because technologies (TV, computers, video games), kids move less and less.

Do you find that your young softball players are not fit enough?

The good thing is that they play a sport but do you find that their fitness level could be better and is an overall reflection of the society?

Or is it actually pretty good compare to the rest of society?

What are your thoughts and your experiences on that topic?

Marc Dagenais, MHK, CSCS
Softball Tips, Drills, and Techniques for Hitting, Pitching, Coaching and Training

This is a good topic Marc, one that because of political correctness is very touchy with some people. In my opinion half of the kids in public schools are overweight and out of shape compared to when I was 10 when their were very few out of shape kids. When I was young I rode my bike to baseball practice then rode back home as I'm sure many of you did. Kids have it much easier these days, ride shares, computers, fast food, ect... Not that those are bad, we are guilty of it to. But to counteract less activity I believe a little extra exercise is neccessary, but it has to be fun, low impact, and short in duration to get them to enjoy doing it. The program we have been using with great success for our daughters (9 and 10) is -www.crossfitkids.com- I won't try to expain it because I am not an expert, but if you take a look at it you might find it benificial. If you want more answers about crossfit philosophy then check out -www.crossfit.com- it has more info on it.

Let me know what you think, I can probably answer some specific questions if anybody has any.


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