Would you dare try to teach this move? skip to the 2 minute mark.

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Dec 13, 2019
The guy they are talking to about it said
'it came about natural.'
Which depending on the perspective and the strict approach some people think everybody should be
'cookie cutter mode' ...
some coaches or 🙂critiquers on the forum,
would say its bad or wrong...
unless they looked at the results and recognized 'hey that was positive results'
Imagine that! something someone disapproves of worked for somebody.

My comment toward teaching that to a young person who doesn't know how to hit yet at all is~
*Teach a stable Foundation before teaching something that could make somebody unstable. Or otherwise too complex for a brain/body to understand while it's still learning to control itself.
If it is able to happen naturally and works for someone then it works. But generally at Young ages things that get more complex are more difficult for developing and learning something that could otherwise be more basic to do... and are successful.
Since not everybody is the same not going to assign a no don't do it to everybody. But what I've noticed of young players developing when their feet are bouncing around it affects a lot from the feet up.
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Jan 23, 2021
I would focus less on what his feet are doing and jump to 4:50 in the video and focus on his approach and how he tries to barrel up the ball while adjusting for inside/outside pitches

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Jun 11, 2015
Trout and Mookie also scissor. Will Clark did as well. Happens when players don't fly open, pull off and hit around the ball. If you can't get a player to stop powering their swing by pulling off, a little scissor drill might help them power the swing correctly. Odds are they will just fake it and false scissor.
Nov 16, 2017
I thought the science of it is related to the kinetic chain. The scissoring action arrest the front hip, brings it to a sudden stop so that energy can then be transferred up the chain. Allows you to whip the bat while the contact point is gap to gap. Hips flying open will also eventually arrest but then your whip is only straight yank.
Oct 13, 2014
South Cali
There is no kinetic chain ground up or middle out; the swing is distal to proximal.. in the sagittal plane mostly. Up from-down to. The hands are very much apart of this process.


Does it really look like he gets energy from the ground(more like momentum)and his front foot landing? Or does it look like he’s putting energy into a torqued middle and front leg via the hands and an early shift ‘back’?
Oct 13, 2014
South Cali
Scissor kick is an adjustment mostly bc you’re early or you shift too much weight forward. Gurus have tried to change it to be a mechanic. NOT. You see it mostly w Lattas’ guys or guys who train at a 50/50 launch position. They get too far forward waiting for an outside or offspeed pitch. Eventually you dont learn true timing and hit everything out front. Can hinder adjustability imo.
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