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Wieght Workout for Pitchers

Dec 19, 2008
Weight Workout for Pitchers

First time post.

My 12 year old DD's travel team will be starting winter workouts in a couple of weeks. They will be every week, 3 hours each workout. In addition to the pitchers and catchers working out together, there will be a weight workout routine. I do not know what this routine is yet.

My DD uses the Finch Windmill and lifts a 1lb. working her shoulder. She does this 5 days a week, in addition to pitching practice and jump rope. This has been very effective.

DD's pitching instuctor says pitchers are not supposed to workout with heavy weights at all, only light weights. Says pitchers need to continue developing long, strong, fast twitch muscles. Is this indeed true? Should we avoid heavy weights? How much is too much? How do I handle telling the coaches my DD won't be lifting heavy weights?

I appreciate any input.
Aug 4, 2008
Why Are So Many Female Athletes Playing in a World of Hurt? - On Fitness (usnews.com) I have read many sites about training females. This is just one of many. I'm not in favor of weight training at that age. I will post a very good article on ACL injuries on girls, caused by improper weight training. What works for men does not hold true for women. I'm male, but we are finding out many of the male coaches are use to training boys and are trying the same training methods with women.

Source: ACL Injuries and Female Athletes - World of Sports Science
Jan 12, 2009
SBFamily are you an orthopedic physician? You are all over the place talking about ACL injuries in women. Just trying to make everyone aware that these injuries are out there? I have seen your posts on the hitting threads and you mention the ACL several times. Do you believe that these injuries are happening when striding during the hitting motion?
Jan 6, 2009
Chehalis, Wa
At twelve weight training might not do much, it all depends on where your kid is at in their physical development.

1 pound weights is not much and you can use a heavier weight. At that age though you might consider using resistance tubing for various exercises, including shoulder and scapula exercises.

You should also be doing doing more functional stuff at the age, with weight or with very light weights, or with resistance tubing.

If she is at a stage where she is physically developing and training will actually show up, then you might start with Marc's core training as base for all future exercises. This will help a great deal as you can apply it to all exercises in the future and as you develop exercise routines.

I would start with Marc's core training, get this right first as you can apply to a life of physical fitness. And then start doing some functional stuff and applying what you learn from core training. You hear people always saying keep the abs strong in just about every exercise routine, although starting with Marc's core routine will give you a solid base to start from that can be applied to all training.
Apr 20, 2009
Most coaches focus more on improving on skill mechanics at age 12. If you want to start conditioning your players, improvement of endurance will be a good start. Leg exercises like lunges (make sure to focus on proper movement) and core workout will help on balance and leg strength, this will help with your pitcher's strength. Jumping rope is good for agility and footwork.

Improving strength using weights can be effective when overloading is practiced. If you continue to use the same light weight no improvement in strength will happen.

Improving fast twitch muscles means having explosive movement during workouts but before doing these exercises an individual must have a good strength foundation.