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Why is this hitter hitting in the low 200’s?

Feb 15, 2017
Yes, Cardinals. Harrison Bader. I don’t know him, just watching a game and checked his stats.
Being a Cubs fan, being a cardinal could be the root cause of his batting average.

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Dec 11, 2010
Two sisters from my area.... Two or three years apart in age. Same size, same body types. The older one had a weird swing with a “too small” bat. Every at bat seemed like a train wreck. Would get behind in the count and then... something good would happen. She is a total competitor AND a true top 1% athlete. I think she totally had a completely positive mindset and her plan was to get a good pitch to hit and put barrel on it. Didn’t go to a hitting coach until she was already a known quantity, played for an old dude that set up elaborate practices, usually with 3-4 stations of open field hitting off machines set at moderately fast, fast and Too Fast. (I’m not advocating that btw.) Set pretty much every record at her hs after the coach accidentally figured out she could hit and got her off the jv team right before the season started her freshman year. Went on to be one of the best hitters on a D1 mid major, started all four years. She did some damage against ranked P5 opponents over the years.

Younger sister went to a very good hitting coach from an early age. A very good athlete. Beautiful swing. Used the right equipment. Played on a travel team that didn’t practice much but played better competition than her older sisters did. Went to same D1. Not even close to being in the same room with her sister. Damn pretty swing though.
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May 16, 2012
New England
He's facing the best pitching in the world, who have all the analytics on where and what pitches He struggles with. Its amazing how some of the best hitters in baseball do it. Many people can hit a 90 mile an hour flat fastball when they know its coming, One of my college coaches pitched in triple A. He threw a curve ball that knocked me down, swear it was going to hit me, the catcher never move his glove which was held down the middle of the plate, I cant image what the pros see.


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Feb 25, 2009
As a die hard Cardinal fan, its Harrison Bader. Nuff said. He lacks plate discipline, is so predictable in his approach and refuses to use the entire field. He is an absolute dead out in the lineup.

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