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Why Do I Play Fastpitch?

May 7, 2008
Author Unknown

Why Do I Play Fastpitch?

The air, cold and frigid, numbs my body as a crisp mist nips at my raw, runny nose.

My red hands clench the bat with determination.

One by one my feet, wet with frozen sweat, step up to the plate with a sense of self-assurance.

As I stand glaring into the pitcher's eyes, my heart begins to tighten.

Awaiting the pitch, a streak of uncertain anxiety shoots through my body like a comet through the sky.

The ball is unleashed, spinning toward me, its destiny unknown.

Not even a millisecond has gone by when I find my arms instinctively leading the aluminum stick toward this elusive sphere.


At contact a sensation of inspiration and accomplishment seizes not only my body, but my soul too.

I have conquered my fear!

For a brief moment my body becomes airy, as if I consisted of only my spirit.

That's why I play Fastpitch Softball!

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