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When to leave...

May 29, 2009
I just don't know what to do. DD (11) has been playing with the same girls since early 10U. She's a pitcher and was good in 10U and is holding her own in 12U. She's not overpowering speed-wise but has decent location and a good change-up. Her coach is OK, not the most knowledgeable guy out there but he tries. The relationship between him and his daughter is becoming a problem. If he tells her to bunt, she pouts until he takes the bunt sign off. If she makes a mistake, she tries to blame it on someone else. Her mood dictates his mood. Sometimes he gets real tough with her and other times he treats her with kid gloves. Never does he sit her butt down when she acts like a princess. She has punched him in the gut a few times with no consequences.

My daughter and I have had enough of the emotional drama from her. Our choices in August are 1.) Go to another 12U team. This means further car rides for practices and such. Leaving her friends who she has played with and will play with in school ball. 2.) Stay with our current organization but move up to the 14U "B" team. She will still be with her older teammates but I'm just not sure she'll be ready to pitch to 15 year olds as a 12 year old.

My DD is not a small kid, right now she's about 5' 4" but she doesn't have the speed the other pitchers have. She's hovering in the low to mid-40's.

Any advice for us or personal experiences to share?


Ex "Expert"
Feb 25, 2009
We left a team that my dd played for since the age of 8 when she turned 14. We sat down with the coach of that team and let him know our concerns. Then, we did what was best for our child. It was done is such a manner that now, when my dd and those early team members are on the same hs team, all is good. You can dictate how you leave.
May 13, 2008
Cannonball hit on it; do what is best for your DD. If you do that, how can you do wrong?

If you think pitching is what your DD wants to do then trying out for 12U teams is probably the route to take. If her future in the sport is somewhere else maybe playing up will do it, but if you stay in the organization you have the potential to get teamed up with this kid in the future.
Jan 6, 2009
My suggestion is not to worry about who you will play high school ball with - play with who will help your dd grow the most. Your high school will probably put together a summer team to play now and then - but getting or starting a good strong travel team and getting the best competition you can handle is the way to grow the most.

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