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When the unthinkable happens


Dec 18, 2014
That's awful.

My DD nailed an umpire in the head during warmups. Both were shaken up. DD said the pitch just got away from her and the umpire wasn't attentive at that time. He did go to the hospital, and thankfully was okay. She's always very careful now, sometimes asking people to back up or move. DD throws pretty hard, too.
May 11, 2014
Quite a few years ago at my son's baseball game, the first base umpire told us that the last time he was on that field he woke up while being life flighted to the hospital. Apparently during "between inning" warm ups the first baseman missed a throw and "he" was talking to the fans. He never took his eyes off the ball while telling us the story.
Jan 28, 2017
DD was hit in the head with a line drive while huddled up to go in the gate to play. The other team had a doctor present and checked her. She was OK to play. First pitch she was hit in the knee. The second at bat the first pitch hit her in the head. We sat her for the rest of the day. Walking to the parking lot to leave, I told my DD to tell the doctor thank you, a line drive missed her by inches. I yelled at the doctor thank you but we are getting in the car. Sure hope the young lady is OK.
Jun 20, 2015
witnessed similiar that thankfully wasn't serious.

it's 3rd inning I believe we are at bat. other team pitcher takes 3rd warm up pitch, tells catcher next one down. throws next pitch and turn around to face 2b. takes the coming down throw directly in the tricep of pitching arm. catcher felt terrible, basically knocked their best pitcher out of the game and she was not the same during bracket game Sunday morning. Her dad said she was just very sore and had a big bruise. All things considered it could have been far worse. Hopefully, learning lesson for that squad to grow from.
Feb 3, 2016
CT was negative. She gained all movement later that night at the Hospital. She was released after several hours of observation. Currently staying away from TV, phone's, and now just waiting on concussion protocol defined by USSSA to expire to get back to ball.

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